Doing Business with a Dictatorship

As part of his remarks to the Cuba Transition to Democracy Summit, U.S. Commerce Secretary Carlos M. Gutierrez made sure the world knows what is going on in Cuba. He spoke in detail about the suffering of the Cuban people and the repressive tactics of the castro regime. He asks the international community to step forward and take a stand in support of freedom for the Cuban people.

In summarizing the harsh reality of Cuba:

 “Now that the Fidel era is coming to an end, we ask all freedom-loving societies to stand with the people of Cuba. It would be an historical shame if Raul were supported in his quest to retain power. “

His concluding appeal for international support:

“Today is a call to action for all nations to take part in making that dream a reality. Do not let Cuban men, women and children suffer any longer. The world must step forward and take a stand on the side of freedom, democracy and human dignity. Thank you for standing with the Cuban people.”

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