Chavez and the UN (Updated)

Both Michelle Malkin and Fausta are reporting on today’s UN General Assembly vote that may seat Venezuela in the “UN Security Council.” The Venezuelan dictator, despite an upcoming election that may very well unseat him, has been quite busy lately travelling the world and using anti-American rhetoric and Venezuela’s oil wealth to buy himself said seat on said Security Council.

Check out both links above to get the complete scoop.

Via The Real Cuba:

First vote: Guatemala 109, Venezuela chavez 76

Second vote: Guatemala 114, Venezuela chavez 74

Third round: Guatemala 116, Venezuela chavez 70

Update: Daniel has much more at Venezuela News and Views.

17 thoughts on “Chavez and the UN (Updated)”

  1. Excuse my lack of UN protocol knowledge, but is this like a Boxing Match (15 rounds), who ever wins the most voting rounds, WINS the match?

    Or are they taking re-votes until they find a way to get enough votes for Oil Pimp to win?

  2. Piruli,

    I don’t know UN procedure either, but at least by looking at the rounds … things are not looking good for chavez … “de guate mala a guate peor” … 🙂 Melek

    “The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” ~ Einstein

  3. So far, looks like “monkey see, monkey no can-do.”

    Bet it don’t smell like sulphur at the Untied Nations today. Bet it smells more like jungle methane.

    Mico maricon de mierda. Eso es todo.

  4. It looks like it is pretty much over for Chavez at this point. It was over very quickly despite all the oil money, time and posturing El Boboliriano put into this campaign.

    What should happen now is that a compromise candidate will be selected.

    If only the election on December 3 were to be this decisive.

  5. You need a 2/3 majority in order to win. It varies from vote to vote depending on the number of countries voting. It has been fluctuating between 124 and 126. If all countries vote then you need 128 to win.
    What normally happens is that after a few rounds when there are signs that neither country will win, a consensus candidacy is proposed in replacement of these two countries.
    Chile and other countries are now working on that.

  6. Val

    This is quite a slap. The government had been barking that it had it all tied up. But last night, in a moment of sheer boredom I watched Telesur for 2 minutes because as it turned out they were interviweiing the Venez ambasador and the journalist was alrady explaining all sorts of things that led me to think that huguito knew he did not have the votes.

    By the way: YOU DO UNDERSTAND. Crossing Venezuela and leaving chavez is great fun and gret thruth.

  7. Ok, so you need 2/3 votes to win the seat.

    In the 114-74 vote tally there were a total of 188 votes. So to win 2/3 of 188 you need “125”, and the Good Guys have “114” they can count on. So they need another “11”.

    Anybody know who’s on that list of 74, that “11” can be ‘persuaded’ to vote with the Good Guys?

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