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  1. I do hope Cubans will soon be free of the bearded dictator’s tyranny because Cubans show a remarkable talent for creating something extraordinary from absolutely nothing.

  2. Can Cubans jerry rig anything? Maybe it is genetic? I live in the wealthiest nation in the world yet I jerry rig regularily before going to the store to buy a new one. I’ve got 3 cars and a pickup that I keep humming rather than buy a new one with the monthly payments. I’m cheap? Perhaps… But I just get this feeling of joy whenever I jerry rig successfully! Is it just me or are there other Cubans out there who jerry rig? Is it genetic or what?

    Tomas Estrada-Palma

  3. Reminds me of a Rube Goldberg device, which performed “simple tasks in a very indirect and convoluted ways.” Similar to the game “Mouse Trap.”

  4. Tomas: that picture is classic. For me it illustrates one individual’s human spirit. It shows that that person is self reliant and has figured out how to make do or jerry-rig like you say what he has and despite the oppressive conditions that he lives he’s going to make it.



  5. While castro and his goons have impoverished the Cuban Nation, the Cuban people inexhasutible in thier will to survive invent from almost nothing the means to survive. God Bless our people.
    PS–and AS Tati well said “Y dice el maricon que en Cuba no falta nada!”

  6. Last year my father and his brother were here visiting from Cuba and went through two of the hurricanes with us. During one of them we were without electricity for a week. To them we weren’t going through any hardship at all, we were eating wonderful meals cooked on the BBQ, our refrigerator was hooked up to a neighbors generator and we had a small battery operated black and white TV. What more could we possibly ask for. When the batteries ran low on the TV all you could see was a 4 inch square and it was slowly disappearing. They were coming back from a walk around the neighborhood and find me sitting in the car with my little TV watching my favorite show. Dice Tio – Ha pero tu quieres ver television, dame que yo te resuelvo ese problema. Leave it to them, first they wanted to take the battery out of one of the cars, but we objected to that. Then it occured to them that grandmother’s electric wheel chair had a battery, they dismantled the wheel chair (she never uses it ’cause it goes too fast for her)then looked around and found some old christmas lights and stripped the wires, hooked up the battery to the wires to the TV and we were good to go. Honestly, all of us who went to school here, at some time – or even for our own kids science project – had to do some battery/electricity project, but it would never have occured to me to do this. I would have complained, whinned or just picked up and gone to my brother’s in Pembrooke Pines. The spirit and the ingenuity of our people never ceases to amaze me.

  7. So what is this make shift water faucet for? Is it a water filtration system that boils the water before you use it?

  8. I love the ingenuity of people that have to do without the things we take for granted.Although the situation is not even close to being as bad as in Cuba,in Colombia,were my parents are from people are always recycling and rigging things to keep them working.
    We are truly blessed and have to be very thankful for living in the abundance we do.I think we complain way too much.

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