Revolution for fools

These articles drive me crazy, where do these idiots come from? So now primary care centers were the brainchild of fidel. Free of course if you overlook the cost in Cuban blood. Coño.

Here’s the link.

2 thoughts on “Revolution for fools”

  1. Its a joke! The cuban healthcare system is like communism—–it works only on paper. In reality its as much a FRAUD as the castro govt. is. Cubans know this. I would love to see these people that speak wonders of the so called free healthcare in Cuba magically become Cubans and have the need to take advantage of the “Great healthcare in Cuba”…just like any other Cuban.

  2. I cannot believe that someone can write an article like this one! They have obviously never been to Cuba or been friends to a Cuban exile. They are only speaking based on what the Cuban government has written on Cuba’s health care system.

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