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President Bush Is No JFK, Thank God

Humberto Fontova
Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2006

Kim Jong-il’s atomic blast has some conservative pundits reminiscing fondly over JFK. His response to Khrushchev and Castro exactly 44 Octobers ago, we’re now given to understand, was positively Pattonesque.

“Now that’s deterrence,” writes Charles Krauthammer in a syndicated column hailing JFK’s handling of the Cuban Missile Crisis. The column calls for “Kennedy-esque clarity” from President Bush and has been variously titled “Follow Kennedy’s Lead to Deter North Korea,” “We could use Kennedy’s Clarity” and “It’s Time for Real Deterrence.”

An article in National Review by Andrew McCarthy says “hear, hear” to Krauthammer. “It would be better for President Bush to emulate the Kennedy strategy,” writes McCarthy, a senior fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies. The U.S. message to Kim, he stresses should be no-nonsense and “Kennedy-Clear”

“Kennedy reacted brilliantly and well and solved the problem,” gushed Dick Morris to a nodding and receptive Sean Hannity on “Hannity & Colmes” last week.

Let’s hand it to Fidel Castro. During his 47 years in the catbird seat, his cultivation and employment of “useful idiots” can only be described as an art. Lenin coined the term, but Castro became the virtuoso at sniffing them out, flattering them, then flummoxing them.

Read the whole excellent life-saving thing.

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  1. I’ve been thinking about this for days. Thanks to the wonderful Sr.Fontova my frustration is articulated!! No one does it better.

  2. The essence of the classified Kennedy-Khrushchev undertanding, which ended the Cuban Missile Crisis, was summarized in a secret letter that Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev sent to President John F. Kennedy on November 20, 1962:
    “What have we agreed upon? In brief, our agreement has come to the following: The
    Soviet Union removes from Cuba rocket weapons which you called offensive and gives a possibility to ascertain this. The United States of America promptly removes the quarantine and gives assurances that there will be no invasion of Cuba, not only by the U.S., but by other countries of the Western Hemisphere. This is the essence of our agreement.”
    Kennedy did not refute this version in subsequent correspondence, and it became the cornerstone of U.S.-Cuba policy.
    The Kennedy Administration also removed 104 nuclear missiles from Turkey, Italy, and Great Britain, under Operation Pot Pie, as part of this secret deal.
    The letters, starting with “60. Letter From President Kennedy to Chairman Khrushchev
    Washington, October 22, 1962,” can be read at:
    The effect that the Kennedy-Khrushchev understanding had on U.S.-Cuba relations can be read at:

  3. Great article as usual! I for one am so sick-and-tired of the Kennedy myth, the vomitous Camelot BS, etc.. I think that part of the reason for these lies is that we have a lot of lazy journalists and researchers out there who are just too dam lazy to do their work and they simply repeat the Kennedy public relations lies rather than doing real research like Fontova has done and expose Kennedy for what he was: one of the worst presidents we have ever had! I would put him in the same boat with Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.

    Anyhow, Fontova has got to publish a book with a compilation of all of his enlightening, but at the same time entertaining and funny articles!

  4. JFK is a prime example of the triumph of image and perception over substance and reality. When that occurs at as high a level as the Presidency of the US, it is bound to cause very serious trouble sooner or later. He was obviously in way over his head and not up to the job, especially at that time in history. To make matters worse, he was also too arrogant, deluded or irresponsible (or all three) to admit his incapacity (at least to himself) and defer to the judgment of those who really knew the score and how to handle the Soviets (instead of his fawning retinue, who were neither the best nor the brightest).

    If he hadn’t already completely botched the Bay of Pigs operation, there never would have been a missile crisis. His improvised and incompetent bungling in both cases was, of course, a disaster of the first magnitude for Cuba, which he sacrificed as if it were some inconsequential insect. He took the most expedient and seemingly easiest way out of the missile mess; the fate of some puny little island and its people meant little or nothing. Of course, the eventual consequences, not just for Cuba but for practically all of Central and South America, would turn out to be quite dire, but he wasn’t thinking in those terms. He wanted to get out of a bind quickly and look as good as possible in the short term, which he did. It’s beyond pathetic that anybody would praise him now.

    The irony is that he sealed his own doom. People can argue and speculate all they want about who was behind his assassination, but I don’t have much doubt, and apparently neither did Lyndon Johnson. It was the “Robin Hood” idolized and promoted by the very useful idiot Herbert Matthews and the even more useful New York Times, the rabid anti-American whose permanence in power JFK guaranteed.

  5. If only Kennedy not STOLEN the elections…

    In the 1960 presidential race Richard M. Nixon lost by a hair to John F. Kennedy.

    Two states with razor-thin margins for Kennedy could have swung the election to Nixon: Kennedy carried Texas by only 46,000 votes, and he carried Illinois by a mere 9,000 votes.

    Illinois was then, and is now, dominated by Democratic machine politicians the kings of which are the Daley family of Chicago fame.

    Democratic Campaign Chair, William Daley, is the son of the late Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley who was instrumental in “stealing” the 1960 election from Nixon. Bill Daley is also brother to the current Chicago Mayor, Richard Daley, Jr.
    In the aftermath of 1960 virtual non-election, investigators were alarmed by the fact that on election eve the Republicans were leading in Illinois but Daley’s operatives were withholding the results of a large number of precincts for some worrisome reason. Then, when Kennedy was just four electoral votes shy of winning the presidency, all of the missing Chicago precincts mysteriously reported at the same time, turning the tide in favor of Kennedy

    There were 68 million votes cast in the 1960 election. The margin between the Republicans and the Democrats (Nixon and Kennedy) was a trifling 113,000 (less than 2/10 of one percent!) in favor of Kennedy.

    A subsequent investigation of vote fraud in Illinois and Texas revealed the following:

    Fannin County, Texas had only 4,895 registered voters. BUT 6,138 votes were cast, 75% of which went to Kennedy. Angelina County, Texas: In one precinct, only 86 people voted yet the final tally was 147 for Kennedy, 24 for Nixon. But Texas refused to conduct a recount. The Texas Election Board consisted entirely of Democrats, and the Board certified John Kennedy the winner in Texas.

    Illinois: News reporters witnessed so much voter fraud by the Democrats that the Chicago Tribune stated “the election of November 8 was characterized by such gross and palpable fraud as to justify the conclusion that [Nixon] was deprived of victory.” (As quoted by the Washington Post.)

    The Republican National Committee filed a lawsuit challenging the Chicago results. Not coincidentally, the lawsuit was assigned to the courtroom of a judge known to be friendly to Daley and the Democratic Party, Circuit Court Judge Thomas Kluczynski. After predictably dismissing the Republican suit, Kluczynski was rewarded by “President” John F. Kennedy with an appointment to the federal bench.

    Earl Mazo was a reporter for the New York Herald Tribune in 1960. He investigated charges of Chicago voter fraud in the 1960 Kennedy / Nixon elections. Mazo found a cemetery in one Chicago precinct where the names on the head stones were registered voters who had actually voted! Reporter Mazo also visited the Chicago address where 56 Kennedy voters listed their address. What he found was an abandoned, demolished house.
    After numerous Democratic judges dismissed Republican charges of voter fraud, Kennedy was inaugurated.

    Following Kennedy’s inauguration, the U.S. Department of Justice performed an inconclusive investigation into the accumulated evidence of voter fraud. The head of the DOJ was none other than U.S. Attorney General Bobby Kennedy, brother of you-know-who.

    This summary is based on the story “Another Race to the Finish” by Peter Carlson, published in the Washington Post, 11/17/00, Page A01

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