Hear how he squeals!

Well, the boycott of Citgo, first called by George Moneo here at Babalu, is having an impact.

By the time Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez made his disgusting ‘devil’ speech at the UN, Americans were voting with their pocketbooks in droves to not give Hugo any more of our money for his oil, by boycotting Venezuela’s oil refiner and marketer, Citgo.

Unfortunately, Citgo is a good brand name and it has good gas but people just can’t stomach it going into Hugo’s pocket and being used to purchase advanced Russian fighter jets with which to threaten us from Caracas. Hugo simply ruined the once-honorable brand name by turning it into an instrument for communist subversion and castro worship.

Now Citgo is screaming about it, taking out ads in The Miami Herald (no surprise there, folks!) and other newspapers across the country, begging Americans to buy Hugo’s gas. See Hugo needs the money, he’s burned so much of it on bad grants to castro that we just have to step in to bail him out – so that he can continue to support castro’s tyranny and destroy Venezuela’s economy. /s

As for Venezuela, it has the highest and fastest inflation rate in the entire hemisphere – even though Venezuela is in the middle of a dollar-based oil boom. Somehow, Hugo spent the cash faster than he could earn it. And now the Citgo boycott is making sure he has even less money than he thought. Oh yes and Hugo’s up for reelection in December and no one seems to want to vote for him – not even in the shantytowns.

Is there anything funnier than a blowhard who’s shot his wad?

Well, we won’t stop boycotting Citgo. Not till Hugo’s safely in a cell next to General Noriega. That’s all there is to it.

See the Miami Herald piece about the powerful impact the boycott of Citgo is having here.

I bet Oscar Corral is bawling his castro-lovin’ eyeballs out!

11 thoughts on “Hear how he squeals!”

  1. Hardly “Moneo-led”. please, all the interested ones have known about Citgo and Chavez for years. but, if it makes you happy, why not believe that it was Moneo’s idea. ha.

  2. I remember George was the very first to call for it, I monitor this Citgo rubbish closely and no one called for it sooner than George did. At the time I thought it was too extreme and unlikely to work, given that most Americans still had never heard of Venezuela – but apparently many thought not and better still, followed through. Now the Citgo-ites are hollering. Good work, George – and everyone else!!!

  3. I may run out of gas, but I’m not filling up at CITGO- vesides, there is always a brave knight to rescue a damsel in distress 🙂

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