Donations needed…

Folks, Im sorry to have to ask you all once again for donations, but this time they are really, really needed.

Please, if you can, if you could find it in your heart of hearts, deep within those beautiful, philanthropic souls, please, I implore you, could you all send the Miami Dolphins some freaken TOUCHDOWNS?

13 thoughts on “Donations needed…”

  1. dont take this the wrong way, but what? are you surprised? youre not used to this by now? i mean come on, when has dolphin futlity come as a surprise to anyone.. dolphins dont need touchdowns, they need heart..

  2. and to take this even a bit further, back during the ricky wiliams debacle, when he retired, i was in rio, copacabana and i had a dolphins jersey on.. some guy walks up and asked me where i had bought it, it seems there is an (american) beach football league and the guys follow the nfl.. want to know what he asked me? “why do the dolphins suck year in year out and never improve”? he knew marino, he knew shula, he knew woodley and strock and uwe and duhe, he seemed to be a hardcore fan and he said theyve been in a nosedive ever since the don left.. even in rio, they know enough about the nfl to call the dolphins a joke..

  3. Okay, I know that hindsight is 20-20, but wouldn’t Drew Brees look pretty nice in a Miami uniform right about now? Dante is a cool dude, but I will take the QB that led PURDUE to a Rose Bowl anyday! That’s almost as hard as walking on water….

  4. It was Green Bay’s second win, but based on the way they were reacting, you would have thought they won the Super Bowl. That’s how surprised they were to come to Miami in warm weather and actually beat the Dolphins despite giving up 24 points. A true battle of the futile, and right now our Dolphins are pretty pathetic.

    Still, it beats being a Jets fan. Any day.

  5. I think Green Bay was surprised they even won. Brett was a great quarterback, but either it’s time he retires or the team isn’t accompanying him.

    I really can’t tell b/c no GB games have been televised up where I live.

    Go Falcons!
    Go Patriots!
    Go Colts!
    Way to go Tampa Bay! (I really hate McNabb)
    Go Giants! I hope they beat the cowboys tonight!

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