Every once in a while I get an email from a reader that has possibly never contacted me before but felt the need as they have found something they deem either important or painful or ironic or infuriating regarding Cuba. Sometimes clicking the links results in stomach turning anger. I received one of those this morning.

The title of this post is an acronym for Organización de Solidaridad con los Paises de Africa, Asia y América Latina (the Organization for the Solidarity with African, Asian and Latin American Countries). This organization was founded in Havana in 1966 by leftist leaders and radicals along with the Cuban Government, and its mission was to fight against globalization and imperialism. The claim to fame of this organization was the use of graphic images for propaganda purposes.

Ive seen the OSPAAAL poster many times before, primarily on leftist and socialist organization’s websites, many of which use the sale of these posters – in typical capitalist manner – to fund their organizations. Here are a few examples (click the thumbnails for larger images):

Notice how fidel castro’s government, here through the OSPAAAL proxy, has historially supported terrorist states such as North Korea, Syria, Palestine, etc…

But what really turned my stomach this morning wasnt the poster or the images therein. Ive seen propaganda and recognize it for what it is. What sickened me was that these posters – original silk screens from Cuba – are being sold by a guy – whom I have to presume is Cuban given the overtly OSPAAAL supportive comments accompanying the items – on Ebay. From Sanibel, Florida, no less.

The incredible irony does not go unnoticed.

6 thoughts on “OSPAAAL”

  1. Those who adhere to an ideology responsible for over a hundred million deaths have no conscience or morality how could they?

  2. as much as the message of these images sicken me, you really have to step back and appreciate just how advanced the socialist propaganda machine is. the posters were clearly created by some of the best artists cuba has. the art iteself, again as disgusting as the message it portray, is griping and well beyond its time.

    I mean thats part of the point of propaganda to attract the unknowing (ignorant, ie useful idiots) with a beautiful images and grandiosity and them smack them over the head with nonsensical politcal theory. Sort of a sirens act.

  3. That a Cuban person, living in America, would spread this kind of message, deeply saddens me.

    Not anger, not frustration… it saddens me.

  4. f/u on comemierdafidel comment, take a look at triumpmh of the will.. leni riefenstahl made a masterpiece propoganda film.. the message may be revolting, but its a brilliant piece of work.. it got the job done.. same with those posters.. there is a historical value to them, just as there is to that film, or dw griffith birth of nation.. my grandfather collected stamps from cuba, and it included the post revolution che/ camilo/ castro stamps as well.. i bet there are those who lament then fact that there are no statues of franco left standing in spain.. propaganda goes both ways, but its still fascinating for those who are into that sort of stuff.. i always enjoyed the soviet/ stalinist chinese/ mao posters, even if i had no idea what it said, from an artistic propoganda machine view its good work..

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