6 thoughts on “Siempre hay musica”

  1. pictures like that are one that give me great hope that cuba will once again rise from the ashes after fidel is DEAD (which hopefully will be today)!

    Tony V

  2. Lets face it folks, neither capitalism or communism have all the answers. Have you ever heard anyone singing outside their doors in the states? We are always working, facing traffic, getting fast food, going to sleep early and doing it all again. Great life, huh?

  3. You are absolutely right Ian. When the long awaited better days for Cuba arrive let’s hope that as the junk from this half century is thrown out, new junk is kept out–especially the penchant in this country to “live to work” instead of “working to live.” Nothing could be finer than to listen to music and dance in Havana, not in Carolina! To have big, slow almuerzos, not silly junk food lunches. To stroll the streets and watch the human parade, not to sit in traffic, sit in front of the TV, and get numb like so many monkeys in this society.

  4. Oy vey Larry! Yes, I have lived in Italy, Spain, and France and they have great lifestyles which are similar to that I experienced growing up in Cuba. But you see, that’s what this is all about–I am from Cuba. Cuba does indeed have many remnants of our pre-Castro culture, but it is not a free society. I know that the congeniality and effervescence of Cubans on the island is striking to tourists but that is part of the culture–not a byproduct of the dictatorship they live under.

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