Fontova Performs Yet Another Brilliant Surgery

Humberto Fontova takes on the NYC artist and his tribute to fidel castro for Central Park:

So it’s only fitting that New York honor Fidel Castro with a massive monument in Central Park to be unveiled November 8th. “The portrait celebrates Castro’s humanitarianism,” gushes David Kesting, the spokesman for the statue’s sculptor. “Inspiration for the gilded head of Castro, large enough to belong to a 25 foot man, comes from Harlem’s acclamation for Castro’s contributions to civil rights,” reads a wire story. “This may be the last opportunity to say farewell” to the man some revere as a champion of civil rights … The Central Park unveiling of his portrait is an attempt to bring Harlem’s adoration for Castro to the rest of the world.”

“Useful Idiocy” simply wont do. American Castrophilia requires a term all it’s own. No tribute that Walter Duranty, Roger Baldwin, Dashiel Hammet, Albert Einstein, Woody Guthrie, Paul Robeson, or even Franklin Delano Roosevelt lavished on Stalin approaches Ted Turner’s, Harry Belafonte’s, Jesse Jackson’s, Norman Mailer’s, Charlie Rangel’s and those multitude of other plaudits to Fidel Castro.

A monument heralding Hitler in Warsaw, London or Rotterdam would make more sense. Had the wishes of the man commemorated in that Central Park statue prevailed, Central Park itself might still be radioactive, and the charred remains of New York residents Charlie Rangel (who specializes in passionate bear-hugs of Castro) and Norman Mailer (who hails Castro as “the Hemisphere’s greatest hero!”) would fit in a milk carton.

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10 thoughts on “Fontova Performs Yet Another Brilliant Surgery”

  1. Val,

    You are missing the point. What happens to statues in the park?

    Pigeon poop in perpetuity, or

    A wizzing spot for the winos.

    As the Guiness ad might say, Brilliant.

  2. I’d be interested to see if they have the balls to somehow incorporate the massive Central Park statue of Jose Marti at this unveiling.

    Correction: I guess with the crowd they’re actually expecting, that wouldn’t take balls. I just wonder if they’ll be ignorant/audacious enough.

  3. Ah, but what will they do a few years from now, when all the dirty laundry of the castro regime gets declassified?

    It won’t be *pigeon* poop they would need to worry about with that statue.

  4. Val is ok let the motherfuckers that workship that fucker go and see the statue is a free country but I warn you the moment Cuba gets its freedom the firts thing that will go down arev the monuments of Che and the rest of the pieces of shit that represent these year of chaos y si alguien se les opone que le pasen por arriba como a la hija de puta de Rachel Corrie, partia de hijos de putas coño. Sorry is just that is hard to justify ignorance.

  5. This perverse tribute to someone like Castro is indeed grotesque. It’s the sort of act that automatically disqualifies and discredits its perpetrators and supporters. Those behind it who truly believe it is in any way appropriate or deserved are profoundly pathetic; people that easy to deceive might as well be mentally retarded. Those who have other motives, such as publicity, material or political gain, sticking it to “those people” in Miami, etc. are simply beneath contempt.

    There is, of course, the usual hypocrisy and double standard at work here that have long dogged the cause of Cuba’s freedom and those who seek it. If some other group had chosen to honor Milosevic or Pinochet, let alone Hitler, the response would be very different. All sorts of establishment figures would be tearing their garments and crying foul, and you can bet the promoters would be under severe pressure to cease and desist.

    However, pouring salt in the wounds of Cubans is not only condoned but, in some quarters, encouraged. Just ask Michael Moore, not to mention a host of other dubious notables, who don’t even begin to see the absurdity of presuming to know better about Cuba than Cubans themselves. It reminds me of Vanessa Redgrave at the height of her anti-Israel grandstanding some years back. All she really managed was to look like a demented shrew. I mean, what the hell does some highly privileged British actress really know about the Middle East, and where does she get off acting like the conscience of the West? Well, maybe I’m being too hard on her. I’m sure she knew at least as much as Jane Fonda did about Vietnam, and had about as much right to be obnoxious, among other things.

  6. I agree with Firefly, public toilet for New Yorkers.
    Great article by Fontova, it is just so sad to see gullible ignorants or for that matter gullible opportunists who just willingly disregard the facts. To think that they are worshiping a man who would like to erase their freedoms from the face of the planet and who has imposed slavery on cubans, what a bunch of retards they are. The worst nightmare of the Lefties will be when their dreams come true, then they will realize how wrong they were.

  7. In the times I’ve visited London, England, I’ve never been too far away from where Karl Marx is buried, yet have never visted. I have better things to do. But whenever I get to New York, I will definitely visit this ugly thing and in the tradition of many a visitor to Marx’ grave, I will first consume a few beers and pee on it.

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