Spotlight on Carlos Eire

This year’s selection for Philadelphia’s annual “One Book, One Philadelphia” program is “Waiting for Snow in Havana: Confessions of a Cuban Boy” by Carlos M.N. Eire.

From the Philadelphia Daily News:

“Waiting for Snow in Havana: Confessions of a Cuban Boy” is a searing tale of recent Cuban history written by one who was there, Carlos M.N. Eire.

Eire shares, with vivid detail, his young life in Cuba, the advent of the Castro revolution, and his arrival in America.

This is the program’s fifth year, a collaborative effort involving the mayor’s office, the library and Independence Blue Cross, the program’s lead sponsor.

In announcing the book’s selection at the Free Library yesterday, Mayor Street said there was “nothing more important than education, and nothing is more important to education than books.”

Eire, a professor of history and religious studies at Yale, said: “I am humbled and thrilled about this, which was a book I wasn’t even supposed to write, and I am especially thrilled it’s in Philadelphia.

“The intention behind writing this book is to not publicize my life, but to make one thing clear, which is that all human beings hunger for freedom.”

That theme courses through Eire’s book, winner of 2003’s National Book Award. He weaves a harrowing tale of survival, including the time his family drove into a shootout between rival militiamen, and when they had to flee from house to house to escape other gunfire and the troops of Cuban President Fidel Castro.

“Waiting for Snow in Havana” is especially dark when Eire talks of Castro and his ruthless henchmen.

Congratulations Professor Eire! Especially pleasing is that 3,000 copies of this wonderful book will be distributed to high school students.

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5 thoughts on “Spotlight on Carlos Eire”

  1. The Philadelphia Inquirer today (11/31) has a wonderful article about this. Professor Eire was in town yesterday for the announcement made at the Free Library (main branch) by the Library Director and the Mayor. I’m pleased as punch that this award winning memoir has been chosen for this year’s city-wide reading assignment/discussion groups.

  2. Congratulations. An extremely well desrved recognition. Waiting for Snow… “talked” to me, a humble Cuban exile like few other books ever have. What a brilliant piece of literature to promote to young readers.

  3. RATS! I live close to Philly and I didn’t know he was at the library. 🙁 I just started Waiting for Snow and I love it!! What an excellent story!

  4. It may be too late for you to know I am posting here years later, but I was just browsing and came upon this.
    I wish I could get to meet Grammy and Claudia. I live in northeast Phila.

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