5 thoughts on “Without Commentary”

  1. As my mother used to say “Dios los cría y el diablo los junta”. But I am really more concern now days about those crazy Arabs extremist that only talk about destruction, than about a leftist trend in South America that as history proves comes and dissipates in a few short years…(Cuba is a sad exception).

    I believe that a few years from now all that will be left of Chavez will be a bad memory and democracy in Venezuela will be stronger after a hard learned lesson.

  2. I’ll say one thing for Chavez: he’s always been very easy to figure out. Maybe he’s just too stupid to be deceptive, or maybe he’s such an egomaniac that he thinks he doesn’t need to hide much, but compared to Castro, he’s practically honesty personified. We’re talking open book here. How could anyone with any sense ever have trusted him or supported him?

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