Thursday Open Thread – Horse and Cart Edition


I will be out for most of today with work related responsibilities, so here’s an open thread for any comments, interesting stories, links, and suggestions. Do yourselves a favor and check out the following:

Child of the Revolution has some thoughts and quotes on Cuba’s internet censorship.

The Real Cuba tells us the it’s Panama for the open UN Security Council seat and also has interesting comments on the recent Adidas sporting fidel castro photographs.

JB Spins highlights the Charlize Theron documentary on Cuba titled “East of Havana.” (And thanks, JB, for the Arsenio Rodriquez book!)

La Contra Revolucion’s El Gusano wishes he were drowning. (How does one say “Baywatch Babe in Cuban?)

Blog for Cuba makes me wonder about recent castro is doing well pictures and missing body parts.

The Conductor gets teary eyed.

El Confeti makes us all suffer with bistek and fufu de platanos.

Via Wizbang, Punch Foley for Negron.

Venezuelan elections a fast approaching and Alek Boyd is travelling with opposition candidate Manuel Rosales and has all the inside scoops.

Michelle Malkin takes it to the New York Times.

Dean Esmay offers us a vignette from his awesome work of fiction Methusaleh’s Daughter. Just in time for the holidays, you can purchase the book here.

Blackfive to John Kerry: Asshat.

I’ve joined the Army team, under the leadership of good friend and colleague Blackfive, to raise money for voice operated laptops for our injured troops. Please consider making a donation to this more than worthy cause:

And a huge Hat Tip to reader Nydia M for the above photo from Cuba and others which Ill post for you soon.

1 thought on “Thursday Open Thread – Horse and Cart Edition”

  1. The photo reminds me of Fidel Castro’s statement when the Special Period began in the 1990s. He said something like “If we have to go back to nineteenth century conditions to survive, we will do so.” Apparently, Cuba is still stuck in the nineteenth century. Then again, Castro apologists will probably praise that the depicted mode of transportation is picturesque, does not create pollution, and the horse helps manuring the fields.

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