This and that, that and this…

Just a quick post to catch up on some stuff I’ve been meaning to get to.

First, Im incredibly behind on reading and responding to emails. Right now Im about a few hundred unread emails in the hole, with very little time lately to get to every one of them. So, if youve emailed me and I havent responded, please dont take it personally and dont think I dont read them all, I do. I flag most of them to answer when I get a chance but realistically, I doubt that Ill be able to respond to all of them. Your comments and notes and thoughts and suggestions are important to me and I do appreciate you guys taking the time to write me, so please, dont stop. Getting personal notes or news tips or links from you all makes all the hard work even more worthwhile. One thing though, if and when you do write, considering the amount of spam mail I get, please make sure the title of your email will be something Ill recognize as not being from an email spam bot.

Next: Babalu and Che? Still dead! tshirts. Along with the volume of emails, a few weeks back I had my email program crash and I lost everything, email addys, archived emails, settings, read emails ready to be answered, the whole nine yards. Among those were a few emails asking about tshirts and a few from folks waiting for their tshirts. And, if your one of those folks who donated to a specific cause that I promised to send you an tshirt for, and you have yet to receive your tshirt(s), please send me a swift kick in the behind via email. But please, do email me again if youve inquired about the shirts and I promise to get back to you ASAP. Just title the email something like: “Val you procrastinating tshirt not sending so and so” and Ill know exactly what the email will be for.

Third, I have received a few emails – that I was actually able to get to – mentioning issues with Paypal donations. I will be setting up a new account soon and hope to have all issues with Paypal ironed out then. So, if you’ve donated within the past two weeks, please verify if the charges went through and if so, drop me a line, if they havent, hold off on donating til I get this darned Paypal thing squared away and also drop me a line and let me know. Right now, the blog is almost at maximum in alloted server space and Ill be needing to upgrade the account once again, so your donations are and will be a big help.

I feel kinda bummed that I’ve been so busy lately with work and life in general that posting has been slow, but please bear with me. Trust me, when there’s a lack of content on the blog, it bothers me much more than anyone. Hopefully, once these projects at the office get squared away and life slows back down a bit, I’ll be back to my regular blogging rythm and posting like a blog banshee.

And finally, please enjoy your weekend folks. Spend some time with the family, take in a movie or two, take your special someone out to a romantic dinner or have friends and family over. Give your pcs a break and relax away from the news cycles. It’s all still gonna be there, and here, come Monday. Call it a well earned and much needed relajation.

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