Another reason to despise Hugo

Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez has managed to insult the U.S. once more – hot on the heels of his famous United Nations General Assembly speech in September.

At that ridiculous scenario, he called our elected president “the devil.” promptly sinking his own bid for a Security Council seat. There just weren’t that many nations he could buy off and the rest didn’t want to put up with a clown in the center ring. But he didn’t learn a thing.

Today, the sulphur thug obsessed with devils flung a ‘go to hell’ to his domestic enemies, the oil workers who detest him in Venezuela. But he didn’t say ‘hell’. He said ‘Miami.’

As in ‘Go to Miami.’ Yep. ‘Go to Miami.’

Here’s what Associated Press caught castro’s minime spewing to a bunch of oil workers that he suspected had no intention of voting for him UPDATE: Here is a better version:

Petroleos de Venezuela workers are with this revolution, and those who aren’t should go somewhere else. Go to Miami.”

Gee what a nightmare. Miami. Away from Hugo’s oily cash stream. Practially ‘hell.’

What’s ironic is that Reuters is reporting that Venezuelans marching for freedom on the streets of Caracas (see photos here) are warning they don’t want their country turned into “another Cuba.”

Cuba. Miami. The parallel repeats itself.

One side is yelling Miami and the other is warning Cuba. This tells us all we need to know about Hugo’s intentions for Venezuela.Miami’s a haven of exile and freedom from the hemisphere’s worst tyrants – and Cuba is the hemisphere’s most odious dungeon.

But Miami also is where Hugo might end up in handcuffs when the Marines finally take out the trash like they did General Noriega. Only Hugo has that kind of reason to squeal about Miami. No wonder he considers ‘Go to Miami’ his worst insult. So even as he abuses like bully, he’s always got a little dinky weenie of fear under the surface.

Hugo is the only one who really has good reason to fear Miami. He might just go to Miami himself.

In a bright orange jump suit.

5 thoughts on “Another reason to despise Hugo”

  1. Chavez will not go to Miami, he will go to Cuba. The problem is that he is very disliked in Cuba. There was a wonderful Rosales march today. Keller’ survey (the most reliable) shows Chavez and Rosales with almost the same numbers and there is still almost a month to elections. Chavez gave a speech today and you would not believe how terrible he looked. Rosales’ popularity is getting to him, big time. Of course, the a$$hole,Insulza, was here this week and found the country “completely calm”, He is going to finish burying the OAS.

    Babaloo, I am delighted that things are looking up for Cuba. I can’t imagine what they were thinking showing that video of a Castro, casi cadaver (don’t know how to say that in English).

  2. Well said, Reina Picara. This thug is on the way out. Rosales is openly calling his “ideas” outdated and saying socialism has failed. Chavez doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo. Clown.

  3. I am going to venture out on a limb here and make the following prediction:

    When the elections in Venezuela take place in December, there is going to be wide-spread irregularities. This should come as no surprise to anyone (except Jimmy Carter of course) given the history of the last referendum vote and the voter registration fraud being conducted by Chavez’s party since then. If at any time, Chavez gets the feeling he is not going to win, he will immediately declare the election tainted and therefore, null and void.

    Of course he will blame the US, saying they interfered with the democratic process and he will blame the opposition party for voter fraud and anything and anyone else he can think of to justify his actions. He has no intentions of giving up his power. If he has to, he will get the farcical courts to declare the votes were tainted and a new election will be rescheduled. When and if that election would ever take place would solely depend on the guarantee that Chavez would remain in power. If he feels his power threatened at any point, it will be indefinitely postponed.

    The bottom line here is that Chavez will not give up power. He is doing everything he can to ensure an electoral victory in December, if only to keep the international community off his back. Even though his anti US speeches has made him the darling of the liberal community, he is quite aware that a forceful takeover would erode some of that support. The botched attempt at securing a seat on the UN’s Security Council taught him a valuable lesson. Everyone laughs when the drunken guy at the party puts the lampshade on his head…..that doesn’t mean they want him at all their parties though.

    Chavez is expecting to garner enough real and fake votes to secure his win in December. If they fail to materialize for any reason, believe me, he has a plan B, C, D, etc. I see no reason to believe we will be rid of Hugo Chavez come this December.

  4. “Hugo is the only one who really has good reason to fear Miami. He might just go to Miami himself.”

    – Mora

    Chavez hasn’t trained at the “democratic” School of the Americas (now called the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation), has never been on the CIA’s payroll, and to my knowledge doesn’t have any Marines nearby for his henchmen to shoot. Overblown rhetoric at the UN, and even Chavez’s utter loss on how to run Venezuela aren’t good reasons to get himself a one-way ticket to Miami.

    I hope Rosales wins… then again maybe not. It seems South America has a high turnover rate for assholes in power of every political stripe.

    Ironically Rosales has shifted gears and is now presenting himself as a populist willing to give out a stipend to every Venezuelan and free education. I think Venezuelans don’t care who the next president is as long as he restores order and fills the pot holes.

  5. I hope to see Chavez and Castro in a bright orange jump suit as well, and behind bars in a high security prison.
    I think Chavez will try to committ fraud in the elections to either claim that he won or claim that Rosales committed fraud so that he can send Rosales and other opposition members to jail. I don’t know how we can prevent this from happening, because I am sure that the UN will do nothing about it, so the hope lies on Venezuela’s opposition and the citizens going to the streets and preventing Chavez from doing what he tried to do in 1992 and what he did in the referendum.

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