6 thoughts on “The war between the Heralds”

  1. maybe is just another tactic of “dammage control”,and they are trying to create a “fictional division” between the two newspapers,so people are going to say…hey..lets keep the nuevo herald,that is the one that at least is less bias,and that way,diminish the damaged done by their mistakes…dont know if you guys get my idea…

  2. No, this rift is for real and evidenced by the way both papers handled the Marti Moonlighters. El Nuevo’s columnists have been very critical of the Herald and the audio from the internal meeting after the El Nuevo reporters were re-hired shows a very divided company. Besides I’ve gotten emails from former Hispanic Herald employees in which they said they believed they were treated like “indios”.

    There is an ethnic dividing line at the Herald.

  3. then,they haven’t been “smart” enough to do what i said,maybe..and just maybe they’ll do some at the end,well..the ones that are suppouse to do some is the people in miami who are subscribe to those “newspapers”,or buy them,for me..i dont even buy the newspaper in my own city,all are the same shit,so,i get my info from internet,blogs,and whatever that is not “mainstream” media..amen..

  4. IF this is so, and if El Nuevo Herald reporters are slightly more enlightened (i.e., they see facts as they really are and have less bias toward their own community), could it signal a change of course?

    Maybe El Nuevo will have to end up as an independent rag if they want more leeway to print and report and they please. Or, as they see fit. Although it’s noticeable that they tend to be a little more balanced toward local news and commentary, they nevertheless are under the motherly thumb of Mother MH.

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