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In a post on election day, Alesh at Critical Miami said:

On the radio the other day, Carter said that elections in the USA don’t even qualify for the monitoring, because they don’t meet the basic requirements. For example, they require standardized voting procedures for the countries they monitor. Yikes!

Putting my personal thoughts on Carter and the elections which his organization have blessed aside for a second, Carter seems to be very ignorant for a man who once lived at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Here’s something that perhaps you haven’t pondered but that Carter definitely should have. We don’t have uniform national election procedures because we don’t have national elections. Yes, that’s right boys and girls, we do not conduct national elections in the United States of America.

“Wait a second, I vote for president every 4 years!” is what you might be saying and of course you’d be WRONG. The presidential election is not a national election but a series of 50 state-wide elections held on the same day. Your vote goes toward determining which party’s set of electors go to the electoral college and each state has it’s own way of doing this. Some states assign their electors proportionately to the election results but most are “winner takes all” states.

So it doesn’t necessarily make sense for a sparsely populated state to have the same type of procedures and/or machines as a populous state like New York, California or even Florida.

Clean elections do not require uniformity of voting procedures across the various states but rather that the procedures are fair and uniformly applied to all the residents in each particular state.

4 thoughts on “More on electoral reform”

  1. Hmmmmmmm Let see what elections this former president was involved in hmmmmm Westbank election of Hammas, Ortega election in Nicaragua, defeat of recall of Chavez in Venezuela hmmmmmmmmmmm….

  2. Shady elections, indeed.

    But it is true that when I voted in Manhattan, the biggest city in the USA, I had to pull a rusty lever and flip shabby switches. I wouldn’t mind some upgrades in technology here, folks! We’re the richest country in the world… how about some better voting machines?


  3. ARGHHHH That Carter wouldn’t be able to tell between fair or fraud elections.
    That idiot went went to meet castro a few years ago, and asked castro to be more democratic, of course even Palitroque (Perez Roque) laughed at him in his own face. Carter is a disgrace, he made himself into a clown and doesn’t loose an opportunity to ridicule the American public for having at some point voted for him. What kind of imbecile goes to talk to a dictator???? OHHH I know!!!! Carter.
    The retard Carter couldn’t even see how Chavez comitted outright fraud in the referendum.
    Carter has been one of the worst presidents of the United States, and he is just extending his stupidity to the rest of the world.

  4. We have brand new machines out here on the left coast, courtesy Venezuela. I want MADE IN AMERICA voting machines.

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