7 thoughts on “Taking deep breaths….counting to ten…”

  1. well..its always been like that,so,respira,mira lo que has logrado tu,lo que tienes a tu alrededor,y dale gracias a dios que tu no eres uno de esos “liberales lefties” de mierda..o sea..eres un ser superior..como todos los derechistas…AMEN..

  2. ha ha ha tony44, that made me feel better too : )

    Val, drink a cold lemonade y piensa que estas en la Yuma, y que si estuvieras en Cuba o en otra parte del mundo estarias embarca’o

    I was waiting last week for a piss off post, these liberal/leftist/communist/socialist/hijos de su madre/moral relativists/Dems:Charlie Rangel and Company had me very upset. But now that there is news that castro will not be returning to power, I am feeling better.
    Plus, I’m counting on Bush’s veto pen : )

  3. Tranquilo Papa que estos lefties de basura se van a tener que jamar la mierda que van a producir. Wait and see. There will be so much crap coming from them that the skink will reach all over America.
    Como decia mi abuela “Estos semi-ñangaras si no la ca*an a la entrada, la ca*an a la salida.
    Wait and see.

  4. 1) i got a knock on my door at 3AM the other day, one of the “working girls” from a local watering hole needed me to go over and drag out one of our players who had a wee bit too much and had passed out in one of the rooms

    2) i got a head coach who just refuses to learn how to use the computer

    3) i got the kids in the junior team bothering me every 5 minutes for every pissant little thing, i want cookies, we need candles, i need a haircut, i want to call home, i miss my mommie; these are 16, 17 yearolds

    4) i got financials backed up like 4 months

    5)i got to deal with the state futebol (soccer) fed, who changes games and schedules twice a day

    im so swamped im sure i forgot to write some things..
    but hey, its my dream job who am i to complain.. the going to the cabare at 3 am wasnt all that bad..

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