Things that piss me off – Part I.

Every single time I read a story from some reporter or hear someone state “the inhumane US travel restrictions separate families” I want to SCREAM. It pisses me off to no end that someone would even attempt to lay the blame on the separation of families on anyone other than the person responsible: fidel castro.

Get this into your thick skulls: it behooves fidel castro and his government to separate the Cuban family because it assures them a steady income of dollars from abroad. The minute you left Cuba, you became part and parcel of Cuba’s number one export: the Cuban exile. If this were not the case, then the Cuban government would allow entire families to leave the island together.

That is all.

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  1. Exactly, and here’s another one. The normalize relations crowd keep harping that the US Cuba policy has not worked for forty seven years so it’s time for something new. Of course they hint that the castro regime is still in power, hence the need for a new policy, but what they advocate is normalizing relations and cover that intent with the lie that it will somehow work where the old policy hasn’t. That subterfuge would only seal Cubans future of slavery and misery while everyone, especially the regime could live happily ever after. There’s my vent for this hour, and I’m still pissed and still feel like breaking something. And mind you the new congress has not even begun. It’s going to be a rough ride.

  2. Criticizing US policy on Cuba is one thing; failing to explicitly put the blame where it really belongs is another. Anybody who, directly or indirectly, makes any excuses for the Castro regime is automatically discredited. Sort of like people who go ballistic over Pinochet but will only barely criticize Castro, if at all. They disqualify themselves from being taken seriously, because they’re at best blind and at worst perverse hypocrites.

  3. ARGHHH the opportunistic left Dems that say the embargo hasn’t worked piss me off, of course it hasn’t worked, you idiots keep trading food and medicine with the regime and the rest of the inmoral international community keeps making business with the regime as well. SO a REAL EMBARGO would work if the rest of the world wasn’t a bunch of &^%&*%^ cowards, moral relativists.
    To those who claim that they send humanitarian aid to the Cuban people, let me tell you that all those donations NEVER reach the cuban public. Castro gets the donations and SELLS them in his stores in dollars, SO cubans have to BUY the donation products and castro is the one making profits.

    OH and the UN and its resolutions are a bunch of retards as well. Sure, it is OK to condemn the US for its Embargo policy and why don’t they condemn Castro for violating human rights, for having political prisioners, for not having free elections, for not allowing cubans with visas to leave the country unless the regime says they can, for not allowing freedom of speach or of the press. Why doesn’t the UN do anything about the violation of Human Rights and the lack of freedoms in Cuba??? Why does Koffi Anan visit Castro and does nothing about all this, why, why, why???
    Because it is easier for the UN to blame the US on anything, and because they lack courage to abide by their own resolutions that have condemned Cuba for violation of Human Rights.
    The UN elite can stick their resolutions exactly where they stick their moral values and their courage, that is if such place does exist for them.

  4. Okay, then why haven’t exiles come together to ban remittances to Castro’s Cuba? Exiles could have put Castro out of business 15 years ago, but instead, they keep trekking to Western Union in record numbers. Makes no sense.

  5. Please Val, do not piff off with me. I can asure you, I really, really hate this regime, I’m sure I have 1000 reason more than you, to hate it. A hint, I just return from “El clinico de 26”, where my 80 old grandma is been “healed”, as in that condition anyone can be healed, for a “neumonia”, very liked produced, by the fucking smoke released against the mosquitos.

    qbanartemisa, you said:
    “why don’t they condemn Castro for violating human rights”
    “they lack courage to abide by their own resolutions that have condemned Cuba for violation of Human Rights”

    I ask you:
    Do UN had or hadn’t condemed Cuba for Human Rights violations?

    Maybe if people like you, stop trashing about UN, who yes have real problems in his structure, they could have the strengh to enforce their resolutions. But be carefull, they will enforce all their democratic approved resolutions, not only the ones that you and some of your friends likes.


  6. Really????? 33139, we could have put Castro out of business??? really???
    With the 300 million credit line that the Russians just gave castro a couple of weeks ago, do you still think WE can put him out of business???
    The UN could, but they didn’t and they haven’t. The UN gets paid for that, but they still don’t do anything about anything other than their usual bashing of the US.
    So tell me 33139, do you think that with all the drug, travel, tourism and other businesses that Castro has thanks to the international community’s reluctance to sanction castro with an embargo, and with all the money castro has in his bank accounts, that the cuban exiles could have put castro out of business???

    The question is why hasen’t the UN done anything to stop the violation of human rights in Cuba???
    Because so far, the only ones who had the balls to put a news ticker in Cuba denouncing the violation of Human rights of cubans has been the US Interests Section in Havana. No other country has called on its embassy to promote freedom of information in Cuba. So tell me 33139, why does the UN and the rest of the world does not do what the US did in its Interest Section in Havana???

  7. Dot Cu
    I said in my post “Because it is easier for the UN to blame the US on anything, and because they lack courage to abide by their own resolutions that have condemned Cuba for violation of Human Rights.”
    As you can see, I mentioned that the UN HAS indeed condemned Cuba for violations of Human Rights, but the UN have done nothing to stop castro from doing this, AND even worse Cuba was placed in the United Nations Human Rights Council.

    Now explain to me how does Cuba, who is known to violate Human Rights, come to be in such a council and how does the UN allow for this to happen when by their own UN resolutions castro violates Human Rights. What is the point of the UN when the dictator’s thugs are allowed to sit in such a council and where the UN does not demand and force castro to stop violating the cubans’ human rights.

    Dot Cu, the problem with the UN is that it wants to enforce its resolutions on democratic countries like the US, rather than enforcing its more important resolutions on dictatorships like the ones in Cuba, Iran, Iraq (when Saddam Hussein was in power), and North Korea.

    The US would not have any problems with Cuba if it were a democracy, but Cuba is a communist dictatorship and the UN have not acted to stop the regime from violating human rights.

  8. As I said before, I do think the UN has real problems, that I hope could been fixed rather than just dump the UN.

    I think no one that is against of enforcing resolutions likes the one which condem the embargo, could blame the UN by not enforcing a resolution on Human Right violations, which by the way are approved even with Cuba working from inside against it, so no much damage here having Cuba on that council. Although I do agreed with you, that Cuba shouldn’t be there.


  9. qbanartemisa — You’re missing the point. It doesn’t matter how much money CASTRO has; it’s how much money the Cuban PEOPLE have.

    As long as exiles keep sending welfare payments that support hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people in Cuba, there will be no unrest and no popular movement toward change.

    47 years of history should have taught exiles this lesson, but I guess they still haven’t learned.

  10. Dot Cu
    The fact that Cuba was placed in the Human Rights Council is a disgrace to the UN.
    AND what is more disgraceful yet is that the resolution that Australia proposed to free political prisioners in Cuba was not passed. Right there you can see the damage and influence that Cuba has had on the votes. Look at how Chavez tried to influence the vote in his favor too. Even worse, look at the oil scandal which involves none other than the UN’s Secretary General Koffi Annan. If these are the kind of people that represent the UN, then obviously the UN has become a bad organization used and manipulated by opportunists.

    Moreover Dot Cu, if the UN enforced its resolution and ensured that Human Rights were not violated in Cuba, that political prisoners were freed, and that Cuba held free and multiparty elections, the US would take away the embargo.
    You have to realize that an action to protect Human Rights of people is more important than an action to take away the US embargo.
    Why doesn’t the UN ask Castro to take out his internal embargo that prohibits cubans from staying in tourist hotels, or going to cuban beaches like Varadero, or leaving the country freely when they get a Visa, or having Internet without restrictions, or having legal access to international press and radio stations???? Why doesn’t the UN demand and force Castro to stop treating cubans like second class citizens and to stop violating their Human Rights???
    As you can see the UN passes Human Rights resolutions but they don’t act to make dictators like Castro respect their resolutions. The US as a democracy has every right to maintain the embargo until Cuba becomes free and democratic and until the Human Rights of cubans are not violated.

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