From DC to Iraq

My very good friend Bill Ardolino of In DC Journal announced yesterday that he will be embedding with US Marines in Western Iraq. He and I have been discussing it for some time now, and I know, personally, that he’s gone through hell and high water for the opportunity. Not only has it taken quite a bit of planning, but the logisitics alone have been pretty daunting.

Bill will be reporting what he sees and, contrary to most journalists over there who wait by poolsides while wire reports come in, he’ll be right in the thick of things.

He needs a bit of help, however, as the Marines will not be supplying him with such trivial things as body armor, so, if you can, drop by IN DC Journal and donate a few bucks to keep his hide safe. He’s incurred a lot of expenses, everything from vaccinations to hardware and airfare and a bevy of other things, including missing weeks from his regular job, so any little bit you can offer will be a great help.

And please, keep Bill in your thoughts and prayers so that he comes back in one piece.

Good luck Bill, and watch your six.

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  1. I wish him the best of luck and a safe return. The American public needs honest reporting from Iraq, that’s for sure.

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