So you want to lift the embargo…

Well Luis Garcia, Cuban-Australian author of the book Child of the Revolution (available in the US in April of 2007) brings us some good reasons to keep the status quo.

Reuters reports today that French exporters are kicking up a stink demanding the Castro regime repays an estimated US$170 million owed to farm producers.

Apparently, the French generously provided Havana some years ago with a stack of long-term credits so the communist government could purchase food, including wheat.

It was all going swimmingly until Castro refused to make any repayments, which means the French are now sending angry letters to the Cuban central bank asking for their money.

Wish them luck – Castro never pays his debts and he is certainly not about to start now.

One final ironic twist: part of the reason the French are not getting their money back is because the island is using its limited reserves to buy food from … US farmers. Who must be paid in cold, hard cash.

There you have it, lower the embargo and the US becomes the next in a long list of suckers that have been conned in castro’s ponzi scheme.

UPDATE: And the Reuters report was written by Marc Frank who is one of their Havana correspondents that also happens to have written for People’s Daily World, a Communist Party USA publication. Who says there’s bias in media?

5 thoughts on “So you want to lift the embargo…”

  1. Ha ha ha! It couldn’t be happening to a nicer bunch. That’s what happens when you keep riding “le cheval stupide.” Excuse the fractured language – French wasn’t my major. They should have asked the former Soviets what happened to all the rubles they squandered on their kaSStropet.

    This points to the importance of introducing legislation in this country ensuring there will be NO taxpayer bail-out of any US firm stupid enough to sell these commie-fascist weasels anything on credit. Instead, allow enraged stockholders to legally hang any empresario responsible for such stupidity.

  2. You know what goes around comes around. The French were apathetic to cuban suffering and decided to do business with castro, so now they get bit for their own ignorance.
    Haven’t the French voted against the US embargo, well, there you have it, for not listening to the USA they get screwed by castro.
    In a way they reap what they sow. A slap in their faces for their disregard for cubans and their anti-americanism.

  3. Whoever has chosen to play along with the Castro regime in exchange for some sort of material gain, and has instead wound up losing money, fully deserves to lose it. I have absolutely no sympathy for these glorified vultures who have tried to profit from Cuba’s tragedy. Let them cry on the shoulders of their own kind. There’s certainly no shortage of other such vultures.

  4. Oh the French , I been trying to boost readership in France lately and looking for good article on France. Elle a un présent : sa dissolution imminente dans le bain de siège euro-islamique, et un “futur” : soit une crise socio-politique sans précédent, qu’on peut gentiment dénommer “guerre civile”.
    Avenir ?! Maurice G. Dantec

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