Another ManCamp Franchise

I’m sure youre all familiar with my get away from it all area in my back yard which we call ManCamp. Most every Sunday you’ll find me and the boys back there watching football while fishing for Peacock and Largemouth bass with a couple of grilles going and of course, a battery of beers all around. Both my friend Tommy and Steve set up their own ManCamp franchises, “the Boozeplex” and the “Hoglodeck”, respectively, and Ive receieved a few photos from readers who’ve carved out their own little ManCamp areas in their homes.

The latest ManCamp franchise is now up and running at Josue’s place, and, while smaller and withot all the bells and whistles of the original, it is his own private niche where picking his nose or farting isnt frowned upon. He calls it “The ManCorner“.

My only question is, where the heck do you cook the lechons?

6 thoughts on “Another ManCamp Franchise”

  1. Can anyone get photos of the geeky cub reporter Oscar Corral’s MetrosexualCamp? It has to be in one of the toilet stalls in the mens’ bathrooms at the Miami Herald. Just look for the Cuban government tourist posters on the walls.

  2. “My only question is, where the heck do you cook the lechones?”

    Val, Josue forgot to share that behind the bottom panel of his desk, you will find his “caja china” … ready for holiday cooking! 🙂 LOL – I wish you well/Melek

    “Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly; devils fall because of their gravity.” ~GKC

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