I (heart) the Czechs!

Having survived under the jackboot of communism, the Czechs are working to stop oppression around the world:

Prague to subsidise pro-democracy projects in Belarus, Cuba

Prague, Nov 15 (CTK) – The Czech Foreign Ministry wants to continue subsidising projects in support of democracy in Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Iraq, Cuba, Moldova, Burma, Serbia and Ukraine next year.

Draft projects can be submitted to the ministry by December 29. The ministry has earmarked a total of CZK 18 million for this purpose.

The campaign is aimed at the development of civil society and human rights protection, the ministry said.

The projects should focus on education, spread of information, exchange of experiences and cooperation between organisations and individuals.

The subsidies can go to projects concerning consultancy services, know-how, seminars, training, student scholarships, transformation cooperation, building of NGOs and others.

The ministry will present the selected projects on February 15.

According to previous information, the Czech government has earmarked more than CZK 32 million in support of democracy in the world this year.

4 thoughts on “I (heart) the Czechs!”

  1. They are to be admired. May Cubans have the wisdom to emulate the Czechs in these endeavors once Cuba is free.

  2. I heart the Czechs too, they value freedom and democracy unlike other countries that it take for granted and are suffering the consequences.

  3. the czechs are as clear in their thinking as fine bohemian pilsner. in a sense the original bohemians are supporting their caribbean cousins. scusi while i enjoy an urquel, ahh viva bohemia.

  4. I certainly appreciate the solidarity of the Czechs, especially because it seems genuine as opposed to empty lip service. Unfortunately, they’re an exceptional case, and their stance only makes others look worse. When one compares the Czech position to the disgusting track record of Spain and Latin America when it comes to Cuba, it’s positively nauseating.

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