8 thoughts on “Our insane world”

  1. How “peaceful” are Islamo-facists right??!! They just want to wipe out Israel, that’s all. And then after that maybe they’ll want to wipe out the “infidels” in the Western world. How pacific is that religion, right??!! Well, they better be warned because there will be no parking lot for their camels in Israel or in the US.

    So much fuss of global warming over an increase of 0.6 degree Celsius in an entire century. NO offense but scientists need to get a grip and a life and stop trying to experiment with our planet.

  2. So after years of government regulations to reduce air pollution it IS our fault that temperatures are rising? How about we get rid of those catalytic converters and maybe bring back outdoor burning of leaves in the fall?

  3. Why not “smoke up” Iran with the right nuclear dosage – wouldn’t that create the required layer of pollution to ward off global warming? Let’s wait for Al Gore to visit Tehran one of his Loony Lecture Series events first.

  4. And if a nuclear exchange happens between Iran and Israel, who will pull their thumbs out of their butts and go, “Gee, I didn’t know he was going to do *that!*”

  5. R S
    Ohhh Ohhh I know, I know, I know who would say that: It starts with a D and ends with a RAT. ha ha ha 🙂

  6. Why are so many people deeply concerned about global warming, which might raise sea level a bit in a hundred years (by which time we’ll be plenty wealthy enough to deal with the problem, if it even happens, and if it does more than inconvenience us), but refuse to take seriously genocidal threats from mad dicatators who are building nuclear bombs?

  7. Butter’s not bad, it’s good! Hydrogenated margarine and spreads chocked full of artificial ingredients are bad. Real eggs cooked in butter and sprinkle full-fat cheese on top — breakfast of champions. *sigh* I love butter. 🙂

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