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I’ve told my brain-calcified liberal friends and acquaintances that the Soviet Union is not dead, that it has only gone through a, how shall we call it, a new marketing strategy. Vladimir Putin, a senior ex-KGB agent, as President, I said, did not bode well for the future of Russia.

Here as a measure of proof that the good ole days never left, are two stories: Radioactive Substance in Ex-Spy’s Body and Russia sends air defense system to Iran.

It’s so easy to delude people isn’t it?

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4 thoughts on “Back to business”

  1. Exactly right. The death of the ex KGB agent is sickening. How could a major power not be hind somethinglike polonium poisoning?

    And selling weapons to Iraq, just as disgusting.

    The question is, what is Mr. Bush going to do about it?

    Can’t blame this one or Clinton or the new Democrats in Congress.

    Or maybe Reagan was a failure. He is dead and the Evil Empire lives.

  2. Not so much the Evil Empire lives, but the people that worked, liked, and perhaps even benefited through the Evil Empire are in high positions.
    The really messed up thing about Russia is that when the USSR fell there were no intensive trials of all the ones that were involved in the brutal regime. Thus, all this people were left to roam around free, and now you can even see them elected.

    So all the promoters or colaborators of the Evil Empire are now trying to make their own empire from which they can benefit. We don’t have to go very far: last month Russia gave Castro a 300 million dollar credit line and Castro’s new plane came from Russia.

    El lobo cambia el pelo, pero no las malas costumbres.

  3. Well, despite the break up of the old Soviet Union, the Russians seem to be far more efficient at bumping off those who don’t toe the line as seems to be the case in London. Unlike that other so called Super Power, the US, which has been throwing everything its got at Castro for years. Apparently the number of failed assassination attempts is now up to 638. Impressive! There was a documentary on British tv about it this week.

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