More problems at the Miami Herald

Breaking news…

It seems a disgruntled Miami Herald employee has holed himself up in the Miami Herald building in downtown Miami carrying weapons. All Herald employees have been told to evacuate. Details are still sketchy at the moment.

Update: The employee is former Herald cartoonist Jose Varela and is holding an El Nuevo Herald editor as hostage.

Update: Apparently, eyewitnesses are confriming that there is no hostage situation within the building, although Varela is said to be carrying some kind of a laser equiped automatic rifle and is at the El Nuevo Herald sixth floor offices.

Update: More at Herald Watch.

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  1. “Warning: The Attorney General Has Determined that working at the Miami Herald Is Dangerous to Your Health.”


  2. Hi Val: I was going to post a similar one for the benefits of your readers, thanks coming by my site,

    Jose Varela Famed Cuban Cartoonist Takes Over Miami Herald Call Attention to Plight of the Cuban People
    Castelló told police that Varela apparently took over his office and trashed it, including a cartoon of the executive editor that Varela had drawn.While barricaded in the office, Varela twice telephoned Miami attorney Joe Garcia, who had represented him.Varela declared his motive is to take control of the newspaper. Garcia said Varela told him in Spanish that, “Now they’re going to have to deal with the truth.”
    Garcia quoted Varela asking, “How is it Cubans must suffer all the time?”Hundreds of Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald employees were milling in the newspaper’s parking lot as a steady stream of workers left the building. Many were speaking on cellphones, reassuring loved ones that they were all right.
    The man’s motives are unclear, police said.

  3. Man, the Herald building yields one story after another. Crazy.

    Hopefully Varela’s personal problems (divorce, condo dispute) caused him to snap rather than the nonsense about fighting the Herald’s “conspiracy against exiles” or whatever it was he told his lawyer.

    Otherwise, there’s something strange to try an armed takeover of a building in Miami when there isn’t even a hint of discord IN CUBA. Seems like that’s where the conflagrations should start.

  4. 33139

    Just so that you know… In the town of Madruga, in the province of Habana, over 50 people were arrested a couple of weeks ago for attacking the local police. Events like these have been taking place all over Cuba since castro took ill. Just because the MSM doesn’t report it doesn’t mean “There isn’t even a hint of discord IN CUBA.”

  5. That’s interesting, and I guess it’s good news.

    But I don’t believe the MSM is involved in some sinister plot to prop up the Castro brothers. I’m sure any reporter would jump all over a discord-in-Cuba story if they were aware of it (i.e., could report it without relying entirely on hearsay). I mean, 200 MSM outlets didn’t send reporters to Cuba in the summer to *not* report stories.

    Anyway, hope the unrest picks up steam to the point where it can’t be ignored.

  6. CAstello is the son of a Directorio Commandante accourding to Tony de la Cova citing Bohemia. What does that mean if anything….

  7. Ok by now we know, even in Oregon, that it was a toy weapon, still there is the question of Castello’s loyalties…..

  8. 33139 Give us a break. The MSM not deliberately spinning for the castro regime? That’s all they’ve been doing since 1959. The “discord” in Cuba is well documented for anyone who goes looking so don’t tell me that reporters like Dan Rather,Peter Jennings, the CNN crew in Cuba etc, etc, etc. haven’t seen it. They choose to ignore the truth plain and simple. It’s been a half century leftist love fest with all adoring eyes turned toward their sacred cows, fidel & che.

  9. Oh, please. The MSM is obviously left-leaning, but you want us to believe if riots break out in Cuba, the MSM would spike the story? That’s the type of story reporters KILL for, regardless of their political leanings.

    A few people getting arrested, in a nation of 11-plus million people, is hardly widespread unrest or discord, and certainly not worthy of MSM coverage. For all we know, the people who attacked the police did so because their new rice cookers aren’t working, not because they’re demanding democracy and capitalism.

  10. Do you think a balsero committing suicide rather than face 20 years in castro’s gulag is newsworthy?
    And what was his crime? He tried to leave Cuba.How about the political prisoners in Cuba? Don’t hear much about them in the news do we? Yet the MSM puts out story after story of whatever trivial propaganda caca the official Cuban state controlled media releases. I’m not going to get into a tit for tat with you but we all know the truth about the MSM and Cuba. If you doubt what I’m telling you do a search at the NYT, the LA Times, Yahoo news etc., and dig through a few years of news stories about Cuba. Then read through the archives here at Babalu or the other blogs on the side bar and compare. In the meantime, cut the crap.

  11. Again, please stay on-topic. I already admitted the MSM is left-leaning. That’s not a big news flash.

    The topic here is whether the MSM will cover unrest in Cuba or spike the story, and I can guarantee you that if riots break out down there, the MSM will trip all over themselves to cover it. Why do you think, when Fidel got sick, something like 200 reporters flocked to Cuba? You think they went there to report that “everything is peaceful in Cuba”? Hell, no. They WANTED all hell to break loose.

  12. 33139

    On February 3, 2002, Mexican President Vicente Fox met with several members of the opposition and the dissidence in Cuba. The opposition’s most outspoken (against the Cuban government) person was 62 year old Marta Beatriz Roque Cabello. Shortly after President Fox had left the island, Cuban security forced themselves into her home, beat her, tore the clothes from her body and then dragged her to a waiting vehicle. Word spread throughout Habana and several calls were made to Miami to inform the MSM of this incident. With the exception of Spanish Speaking radio and TV stations, there was NO MENTION of what had happened to Roque Cabello. As a matter of fact, Lucia Newman, CNN’s Habana Bureau Chief, spend almost five minutes describing a dog show that was taking place in Habana, and NOTHING else.

    The MSM in Cuba STAY in the city of Habana. They can’t travel freely throughout the island, and for those that do travel, there is always someone from the government with them. There are many European journalists that have enjoyed castro’s goulag hospitality for reporting what the Cuban goverment considers “matters of national security.” Believe me, the MSM will not COVER any unrest in Cuba for fear of losing their bureau’s in Cuba. They are sitting tight WAITING for the BIG ONE.

  13. Larry,
    Here is the link to the Bohemia article about Humberto Castello Sr.
    He was later a high ranking official of Castro’s Ministry of Foreign Relations (MINREX).
    What’s interesting is that when Castello Jr. was appointed editor of El Nuevo Herald, the newspaper mentioned his background but omitted mentioning his father.
    That would be like someone writing about you and not mentioning that you are a descendant of Gen. Calixto Garcia.
    Note that in the Herald article Carlos Alberto Montaner was avidly praising Castello.

  14. Okay, so if riots break out in Havana, 200 reporters are going to go on TV and say that everything is peaceful in Cuba?

    You people are unbelievable.

    Abuses are going on all over the world. Expecting the MSM to make a big deal out of a couple arrests or a couple dissidents being jailed in Cuba is ridiculous.

    You guys talk like Tiananmen Square II happened in Cuba and the MSM didn’t bother to cover it.

  15. Interesting how the Herald has done “damage control” with this situation, focusing on Varela as a disgruntled employee with emotional problems instead of his explanations for his motivations.
    The Herald has omitted Varela’s statement that he objected working with a convicted child molester at the Herald and demanded his dismissal. The Diario las Americas today identified that person as Benigno Dou.
    The Herald has also minimized the denunciations Varela made against editors Tom Fiedler and Humberto Castello and their lack of respect for the Cuban exile community.
    When El Miami Herald started in early 1976, I was given a job application to work there, but knowing the newspaper’s racist record against Cuban exiles, I immediately tore it up.

  16. 33139,
    You statement that the MSM press is “left-leaning” in Cuba is a gross understatement.
    I agree with you that mass riots would be covered in Cuba by the MSM – in which case they would have no choice but to totally lose their credibility (they have almost totally lost it with me already).
    Still, they have always minimized any significant news of opposition in Cuba, and gleefully parrot what the regime puts out.
    If I recall correctly, the ‘maleconazo” of 1994 was not even mentioned by the MSM. To us, the arrests of innocent people for no apparent reason SHOULD be covered by the MSM – especially if they have bureas there. They are chickenshit – they fear they will be kicked out if they report the correct news.
    On the other hand, I share your frustration that most Cubans have not just taken to the streets, especially with Fidel’s downfall. If they took to the streets ‘”en masse’ it would likely be over. I guess it is easy for us to say as we obviously don’t live in brutal repression the people in Cuba do.

  17. So…let’s see…Varela, the poor man, snaps and goes crazy at the Herald and in about 5 microseconds the incident and discussion turns into an ad hominem attack on the MSM/Herald.

    Fine…there are reasons to suspect bias in how events are covered, specially those which deal with Cuba.

    But Humberto Castello?

    Insinuations are made, in the best McCarthyist tradition (or is it Granma-ist tradition?) about Castello’s “loyalty” and his *father’s* past (mind you, now, Castello is to be considered sospechoso because of his father) past. It is pointed out that Castello (gasp) didn’t make mention of his father in an “interview” (no doubt, it’s conclusive proof Castello is a pinko, commie, Fidel-lover, who is part of the great pinko, commie, Fidel-loving conspiracy that’s been orchestrated by the Herald for decades!).

    OK…no surprise here, specially when one sees who made them. It’s all too familiar, reactionaries on both extremes of the Cuba issue are, if anything, consistent. The tactics are the same. Slanders/insinuations/whispers are used freely (for example, read any attack on Carlos Alberto Montaner’s past by the Castro propaganda machine) . Nothing is sacred here (truth, ethics, reputations) in the zeal to score political points, put forth the “agenda”.

    Usually one ignores this. Except..well…in this instance, there is some rather interesting irony (hypocrisy?)…for the questioning of Castello’s loyalty and his *father’s* past (gasp…he was part of el Directorio and had a government post in the early days of what turned out to be a 48 year nightmare), not to mention the chides for not revealing everything about that “dark history” (his *father’s!) in an interview, came from:

    1) Larry Daley…who actually fought with Fidel in the Sierra Maestra (gasp!say it ain’t so Joe (McCarthy, not Shoeless)!. Irrelevant, isn’t it Larry? Except when it comes to others.

    2) Professor Delacova…a convicted terrorist (as in one who places bombs on civilian targets for the purpose of instilling fear) who as far as I can tell, doesn’t seem to mention this fact mentioned in every bio, every interview he gives. Maybe it’s a father only thing. Maybe if it’d been his father that placed the bombs and not him he’d feel as obligated to come as clean as he feels Castello should be about the irrelevant past.

    What a pair of slime balls.


    PS Nope…I don’t work for the Herald/MSM and only know Castello from El Herald’s coverage and editorial stance on Cuba, which, well…gee…could that be might be of some relevance in assessing where his mind and heart reside than….????

  18. Tribilin, the allegation you make against Professor de la Cova is pretty serious. Bring the proof out — don’t just make an unsubstantiated and rather scurrilous allegation. Hope you have a good lawyer ’cause it smells like you just libeled him.

  19. Ha ha ha ha ha …

    It’s fine to call Castello a dishonest communist loyalist but now George is threatening a libel lawsuit based on an internet board user name.


  20. Tribilin,
    I do not cowardly hide behind a false name like you do nor do I hide my past from 30 years ago. Your Castro sympathies are apparent when you only think that Cuban exiles are the only “terrorists.”
    It is a known fact that Castro’s 26 of July Movement seized power by assasinations, indiscriminate bombings, and airline hijackings.
    Here is a little historical reminder
    Your defense of Castello and your denial of working for the Herald are contradictory. Just like you hide behind a comic pseudonym to shield your murky past. I will only further respond to your rantings when you are brave enough to identify yourself.

  21. One other thing, 33139. Just because you have a “screen name” does not mean that your identity is secret. Here in the US, in a legal action discovery, a record of an IP address as well as the ISP’s records would be subpoenaed. The identity of a user can be easily established as long as the user is not purposefully trying to hide his or her identity.

  22. Herald editor Tom Fiedler has allowed a convicted perjurer and admitted liar, Ana Veciana, to continue working at the Herald. Therefore, it does not surprise me that Fiedler and Castello permit a convicted child molester to continue working at the Herald.

    It should be noted that while the El Nuevo Herald pointed out that Varela left on the Mariel boatlift “passing off as a homosexual,” they do not mention that the Cuban government classified “La Mulatica” Castello and Andres Reynaldo as practicing homosexuals when they were allowed to leave on the Mariel exodus.

  23. Right, but unless a person is posting from a private IP at home or work, it’s almost impossible to prove a particular person at a particular IP address posted something online. Huge, huge numbers of people are on the ‘net from public connections — school, library, internet cafe, hotels, McDonald’s, etc.

    Also, you can’t claim libel against an internet user name, so that argument is out.

    But back on topic, I don’t care if the Miami Herald is populated entirely by card-carrying members of the Communist Party. That still doesn’t excuse Varela’s actions yesterday. Trying to turn a disturbed guy’s wacko actions into an indictment of the Herald overall, or the MSM overall, is just plain goofy.

  24. Mr. Moneo…

    As Professor De La Cova stated, he does not hide from his past. So, thanks for the legal advice, but before I rush out and take it, I would suggest you ask him for the details.

    In any event, even if he doesn’t hide from his past, I don’t believe he proclaims it in every interview. Ergo, it seems to me that holding other’s feet to the fire (namely Castello’s) for failing to mention his *father’s* past, is somewhat ironic, don’t you think?

    Even hypocritical, maybe?

    Now, as to the issue of insinuation and slander and the behaviour of reactionaries. Please note that, in my previous note I made the following two references:

    1) I made mention of that “slanders/insinuations/whispers are used freely (for example, read any attack on Carlos Alberto Montaner’s past by the Castro propaganda machine)”.

    2) And stated in reference to Castello’s father, that “he was part of el Directorio and had a government post in the early days of what turned out to be a 48 year nightmare”

    I think most reasonable persons would agree that both these observations are rather critical of the Castro dictatorship.

    De La Cova’s response…basically, the same ad hominem slanderous approach, the same reactionary tactics which vilify reputations (ask Carlos Alberto how this works), which characterizes his ilk.

    “Your Castro sympathies are apparent when you only think that Cuban exiles are the only “terrorists.””’ el mundo…please note that the only mention of terrorist in my prior note dealt with a single (1) terrorist, specifically “as in one who places bombs on civilian targets for the purpose of instilling fear” made no mention of “Cuban exiles”. I was referring ONLY to a single (1) terrorist…who, unfortunately for the rest of us, happens to be a single (1) Cuban exile (singular).

    To be completely clear (or if you prefer, por si acaso), while also mentioned that there are similarities in the behaviour of “reactionaries on both extremes of the Cuba issue” it clearly did not in any shape or form include the term “Cuban exiles”.

    Maybe DeLaCova believes he or his sort represents all Cuban exiles or that he is, somehow, a symbol for all of us. I know better. In fact, I believe that reactionaries of the sort that engage in extremist behaviour represent but a tiny, insignificant numerical percentage of Cuban exiles.

    Unfortunately, the harm they do to the rest of us, and ultimately to the cause of bringing democracy to Cuba, is way out of proportion to their percentage. I guess this is why, at times, I simply can’t ignore these folk who I believe have done and continue to do us (and you too, Moneo, whether you are aware of it or not) and Cuba so much harm by their actions, today and even 30 years ago.

    Now…for the Profe…

    Mira Delacova, si quieres saber la cruel verdad, la realidad es que mi me importa tres pitos si alguien como tu me hace caso o no me hace caso, si me responde o si no me responde. Lo unico es que no es facil es siempre ignorar cuando personas llenas de odio y sin perspectiva se lanzan a destruir la reputacion de personas honestas e integras con insinuaciones y falsedades del tipo que tu y Daley lanzaron en contra de Castello.

    Asi que bajate de la nube, asere, y tambien acuerdate que estamos ya demasia’o viejos pa’ estar con eso de cuestionar el “bravery” de alguien y to’ ese tipo de guaperia. O mejor, acuerdate tambien que los hombres guapos, pero guapos de verda’, usualmente no son los que ponen bombas a civiles en la oscuridad.

    3bilin Kantor

  25. 33139,

    not one of the writers at Babalu have excused his actions. What he did was illegal and should be punished. I don’t need this event to bang on the Herald. Long before you probably learned to write, I hated the Miami Herald for its bias. Yes, it’s been that long.

  26. God, I love this site.

    One minute, the MSM is being bashed for censoring news in Cuba.

    The next minute, the thread is closed because the editors disagree with the comments.


  27. Thread’s not closed — yet. Some people need to respond then I’ll shut it down. That’s our prerogative: just like the Herald.

    BTW, 33139, you are once again perlilously close to pushing my nuclear button. Let me remind you that YO HAGO LO QUE ME SALE DE LOS COJONES, OK? Please, if you want to be boss, start your own blog.

  28. George — If you don’t see the hypocrisy in bashing the Herald and the MSM for (allegedly) censoring news and then shutting down this thread because you don’t like the opinions expressed herein, then I would suggest Val needs to seriously reevaluate your status as an editor before the site loses credibility.

    (And threatening to ban for me pointing out said hypocrisy is breathtakingly Castro-esque.)

  29. OK. I’m going to spell this out so that even you can understand:


    BTW, you’re outta here.

    (And that’s breathtakingly Pitbull-esque!)

  30. George:
    The anonymous insult comedy dog Tribilin seems to have a personal grudge against Delacova, Dailey and you. Undoubtedly his holier-than-thou attitude hides a pro-Castro activist past. Note how he does not acknowledge that Castro’s 26 of July Movement, which set off hundreds of bombs in Cuba, are terrorists. I’m surprised that he did not drag Luis Posada, Orlando Bosch and other Cuban exile activists into this, but focused only on Delacova. Indeed, Tribilin is a coward for hiding behind a phony ridiculous name. In contrast, neither you, Dailey, Delacova or I make anonymous comments. I am convinced that Tribilin works for the Herald, as he has tried to change the focus of this blog from the Herald to personal attacks against those who criticize the Herald. As Delacova indicted, it’s best to ignore cowards like that.

  31. mrcs_Concepcion virtually wishes physical harm on the editor of the Miami Herald and stays. 33139 disagrees with George and gets booted.

    Definitely your prerogative, George, I won’t argue that. But what does that say about babalu’s integrity?

  32. here is the follow up to the story on my post wanted you to know. ..The incident ended without violence, no one was hurt. The point was made without the need to kill anyone or blowing off any bombs.
    1 in 4 Palestinianlive in poverty, in Castros Cuba 3 in 4 Cubans live in poverty.
    The Palestinians blog, read newspapers, enjoy certain privileges that the enslaved Cuban do not have, yet this has rarely been used as an excuse to take innocent human lives, such as the Palestinians routinely do to bring attention to their cause.

  33. Rick,
    Physical harm from a toy gun? From Varela, who never touched anyone at the Herald? I would have like to have read about Tom Fiedler’s reaction if Varela had gone to his office after not encountering Castello. Fiedler would have had an opportunity to prove how he reacts under pressure. Would he have called Varela a Chihuahua? I doubt it. Your twisting the facts sounds like Herald logic to me.

  34. Tribilin,

    It seems to me that the ONLY one making allegations and impugning a person’s reputation is YOU. Why should it be a problem if people question Castelló’s loyalties? After all, he is a public figure and the director of a very important newspaper whose leftist leanings are quite apparent. A newspaper, I might add, that is constantly targeting, attacking and maligning Cuban exiles. We are simply connecting the dots… Besides, from what I’ve read, no one is accusing Castelló of being a communist. If Castelló is truly who and what he says he is then it’s time for him to “walk the talk.” Cuban exiles have been burned in the past by those we considered our friends. Case in point: Mariano Faget.

    If I remember correctly on 17 February 2000, the FBI arrested Mariano Faget, a senior official with the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) in Miami, “and charged him with spying for Cuba, bureau officials said…. Through a combination of technical and physical surveillance, the FBI said, ‘Operation False Blue’ uncovered Faget, who was born in Havana, making unauthorized contacts with Cuban intelligence officers in Miami and other cities.”

    Mariano Faget’s father was a staunch anti-communist and anti-fidelista. Who would have thought his son would become a spy for the castro brothers? Not Cuban exiles! Nevertheless, many in exile insinuated (to use your words) that all was not right at INS. In fact, many well known communist supporters were allowed to “immigrate” to the U.S. yet many who had family members in the U.S did not. Those that suspected Faget (and others at INS) were eventually proven RIGHT!

    Time will tell about what is really going on at the El Nuevo Herald. The Herald can do all the cover up they want in their columns, but when Varela’s case go to trial (and all the recorded conversations and memos are made public) it will all come out. I can hardly wait for all the details to come out.

  35. Nice crack about integrity. It’s actually kinda funny coming from a liberal.

    Rick, since you are returning the favor of being a roving “ombudsman,” I’ll explain: 33139 is (was) a troll who managed to piss off just about every writer on this blog — kinda like what I do at SotP; Concepcion, while writing something I disagreed with so much I deleted it, has never been even remotely like that. There are many here who disagree; they just don’t descend to troll level.

    I haven’t banned you, Rick; doesn’t that prove what a great guy I am?

  36. 33139 reminds me an awful lot of a certain Cuban hating commenter at a poorly moderated Herald blog. Thanks for hitting that button El Pitbull.

  37. mrcs: You made the comment…

    “It’s unfortunate that Jose Varela did not seize the racist Tom Fiedler. Had he done so, Cuban exiles would have erected a monument to Varela at the Cuban Memorial Plaza.”

    …shortly after 1 PM before Varela had been taken into custody and before anyone, including yourself, knew the gun was a toy. It was a highly inflammatory remark and one that was wisely deleted by George. Whether you care to fully own up to it now or not is irrelevant. It’s on record.

    My question still is unanswered: is someone disagreeing with the views expressed here at babalu more egregious than someone wishing harm on community figure like Fiedler? It’s a straight forward and simple question.

    George, I haven’t done anything to be banned, not that it really matters around here, but I would hope that it helps.

    As far as being a roving “ombudsman,” I’m asking this question for my own clarification and not for anyone elses.

  38. Rick:
    Your are as big an idiot as Tom Fiedler if you took that comment seriously. On the other hand, you are as sly as Fiedler by injecting the comment back on the blog after it was deleted.

    Those of us who personally know Varela saw his action as a brilliant spoof of the Herald. He brought international attention to the grievances of Cuban exiles against the Herald. On the other hand, it would have been interesting to see how Fiedler would have personally handled the situation, since he is a weasel. It is Fiedler who has harmed himself by making racist comments against Cuban exiles. The Herald is twisting the facts about the incident for damage control at a discredited newspaper, just like you are trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill. No one here takes you seriously.

  39. A message circulating by e-mail indicates that Jose Varela gave authorities a proclamation when he was arrested at the Miami Herald. Interesting how the Herald has omitted reporting this fact. They are obviously doing “damage control” and do not want to report any lucid grievances raised by Varela, especially against Fiedler or Castello. Instead, they are portraying Varela as an emotionally disturbed and disgruntled freelance employee.
    George, beware of the blog police that is trying to control your postings.

  40. Here is an different prespective posted at


    por Alfredo Pong

    La pasión por la Patria para muchos es como el pavo de Thanksgiving para los cubanos en Miami, todos lo sirven en la mesa pero cada cual lo adoba a su manera, al final del guanajo pelegrino solo queda el nombre y la tradición asumida. No cabe duda que nuestro colega caricaturista José Varela, es un pilar talentoso en el campo del humor del exilio, podriamos decir sin dudas el mejor hasta el momento, para colmo es karateca, o sea da golpes en el papel y en la realidad si asi lo demuestran sus circunstancias, una vez más ha aflorado el mambí insurrecto, y la carga al machete ha descendido barranca abajo y sin freno, y con ello ha salido del aire el mejor humorista gráfico del exilio; de nada vale los atenuentes, los incuestionables meritos, el estrés, la desesperación, el divorcio en fin los miles de razones que explican semejante reacción, el salto al vacio se ha consumado y ahora la justicia tiene en sus manos extender la red de salvación para atenuar la caida o dejarle hacerse estrellas en el suelo, Eduardo Chibas hizo lo mismo en su momento, y no consiguió nada salvo su sacrificio personal, el disparo se escuchó, y aún resuena en las páginas de libros y en tertulias patrióticas pero su efecto fue nulo, pues no había oidos que escucharan el mensaje, porque ayer como hoy, nadie escuchaba, mi colega Varela esta pasando por un mal momento, y todos debemos ayudarle, de la unica manera que es posible y efectiva, no nos diluyamos en analisis estériles, no llamemos al Patriotísmo, o a la más rancia militancia ocasional, seamos por una sola vez receptivos al mensaje y su efecto, no son los aldabonazos, ni los golpes de estado, ni las acciones suicidas los que cambian la historia para bien, para empezar, comenzemos a escuchar con honestidad, el llamado de la etica, los principios humanos, la decencia y la moral cívica y hagamos este acto de conciencia frente al espejo, que sólo ante nuestra propia idiocincracia y defectos encontraremos la respuesta del aldabonazo de Varela.

  41. 33139,

    It’s quite simple—cover anything the castro brothers don’t like, and you will lose your Havana bureau, and possibly so would any affiliated news org.

    Many news agencies would give fidel’s corpse fellatio rather than lose their Havana bureau. Somehow they think having this bureau will help them better cover news from Cuba. In reality, it only makes them report the news the way the regime wants it reported.

  42. R S,
    You have just explained what Lucia Newman did to keep the CNN Bureau in Havana. She left when the ship of state started sinking.

  43. Wow..Que Cojones paso aqui? And why is there an odd feeling of radiation in this Artifical Air? A man leaves for a month, comes back, and see’s Babalu in total disaccord. But none the less the is a Political/controversial blog

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