Anti-castro, Anti-Chavez Avalancha In Caracas


Today in Caracas…

Photo by Alek Boyd, see the whole album here

Note who the cabra at this thing is, and the horse he rode in on….


Source unknown, link via VenezuelaToday

Imagine the effect of these photos should they reach the eyes of people in Cuba right now…and I think they will.

Miguel has a goose-bump inducing video of the sizzling energy and much more here.

And our own dear Daniel has tons more photos here.

13 thoughts on “Anti-castro, Anti-Chavez Avalancha In Caracas”

  1. Couldn’t happen to a nicer socialist. So how does castro explain, that what is happening in Venezuela is a strange phenomenon (for Cuba) known as elections?

  2. Goose-bumps is an understatement. How come I haven’t seen any of this in the MSM?? I did see something about 20,000 people protesting the Pope in Turkey. As Arsenio Hall use to say… things that make you say “Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.”

  3. Today, I was watching the soccer match played by my city’s team against a team of Tuscany. Tuscany is a traditionally-red region of Italy. I was not surprised to see lots of images of Che Guevara in the stadium.

    to add insult to injury, I have just seen , on the italian tv, an idiot “art critic” (supposedely not a left-winger)comparing Jesus to Guevara when describing a paint of the dead Christ. He called Guevara “an hero of our times”.

    Really disgusting..

  4. Stefania,

    Thanks for the very interesting insight. I did not know that such a lovely region such as Tuscany is left-leaning.

    I was there in 2003 and saw many “PACE” (or peace) flags all over Italy -(what they really mean is against the war in Iraq, not peace if it means fighting communists or islamic fascists.)

  5. OT is this media bias or what?

    A couple embrace while holding Cuban flags during a ceremony to mark the 50th anniversary of the departure of the yacht “Granma” in the coastal town of Tuxpan, in the eastern Mexican state of Veracruz, November 25, 2006. Now frail from illness and out of sight, Cuban President Fidel Castro was remembered on Saturday as a dashing young revolutionary who set sail on “Granma” 50 years ago from this Mexican port to start the revolution that overthrew dictator Fulgencio Batista.

    26 Nov 2006 REUTERS/Tomas Bravo

  6. Great crowd! Will that translate to a massive turnout in favor of Rosales? What has Chavez done to guarantee his reelection? Chavez has had the input of his Cuban advisers and will do the same thing the PRI did in Mexico many times to stay in power.

  7. I’m afraid Chavez may be allowing or encouraging the illusion that Rosales has a real chance to win the election, so that when (surprise!) Chavez wins it, it will all look even better for Chavez: “You see, the people chose ME after all!”

    The chance to get rid of Chavez at the polls is gone. This reminds me of the story about Cuban president-turned-dictator Machado. When an attempt was made to remove him from office based on legal or constitutional grounds, his response was “A mi no se me tumba con papelitos” (“You don’t get rid of me with some little document”). The Chavez version would be “A mi no se me tumba con elecciones” (“You don’t get rid of me with an election”).

  8. It is great for the Venezuelan people to show up in that Avalancha demonstrating that they do want democracy for Venezuela and that they don’t want a crazy socialist dictator-wanabe like Chavez.

    May God bless them and help them kick that lunatic out of office.

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