5 thoughts on “The Herald needs to clean up its own house”

  1. Why isn’t FIU President Mitch Maidique doing anything about these Castro spies in his university? Asleep at the wheel?

  2. What a condescending brush off of the esteemed professor. Once again, the Herald flaunts its bias. Don’t hold your breath waiting for a substantive response.

  3. This revelation is now WAY OVER THE TOP!

    This demands ‘community action’ against the Herald.

    For starters, I would suggest a ‘community action’ coordinated effort to dessiminate, provide, handout, copies of this letter along with debriefing attachments to the public at-large throughout Miami area. Starting with a press-released/announcement that this will begin outside the steps / accross the street, from the Miami Herald offices on a specified date in the not to distant future.

  4. della cova todo lo buono lo dijo. how fast people forget about the cuban spy ring broken up some five years ago in miami where court evidence showed they’ed been operating for years. with the full knowledge of u.s. authorities.testimony also revealed that one of their aims were to slander and/or libel or otherwise discredit cuban-americans opposed to don fidel’s gangsters. or the case of the highest level spy uncovered to date to penetrate u.s. intel, a boricua woman who was the deputy 2nd in charge of cuba section of the pentagon. she was responsible for editing reports about cuba and manipulated this position to water down often critical reports on the dictatorship. she had to be prematurely arrested counter to normal yrs. long survailance on such high level spyes. becouse of security concerns after 9/11 that she may have given to islamic allies of the regime. that was also the of fidel’s terrorist tour. in tehran he pledged to help the mullahs destroy america and he added that this could be achieved because he had seen it up close. or that the spy ring was responsible for setting up the downing and killing of 4 american citizens. or the cuban woman who unwittingly married the leader of that spy ring, who fled to havana but was sued by his humiliated ex-wife. and even now the provacotours try to paint these spys as heroes to useful idiots. only a decade or so ago before elian they making movies and writing books about the cuban air force pilot a certain lorenzo who flew his family out of cuba after a daring flight to varadero in a small turboprop. he was embraced by the general public as a hero against a regime that separates and extorts average cuban families. so what happened? it’s plain to see that fidel’s disinformation has been working,but for how much longer only well informed cubans say. so say it now!

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