When life gives you lemons…

Cuban economists make lemonade. Or so the media would have you believe. As Val kindly pointed out, I wrote something about the preposterous claim that Cuba defeated “Peak Oil” over at CubanAmericanPundits.com. Here’s another believer in the Cuban economic miracle. Only this time it’s Cuba’s smaller ecological footprint that is the result of the harsh economic times Cuba faced in the 90’s.

Of course no mention of the smokestacks belching filth into the sky (to borrow a line from Sting), no mention of the rampant prostitution, no mention of the waves of rafters risking their lives to leave the island. Why would there be? Cuba is an environmentally friendly version of Disney Land, the happiest place on earth. 😉

5 thoughts on “When life gives you lemons…”

  1. Please, please, next time you submit a link to article too full of lies, that can produce an attack of rage(like the one I’m having rigth now), give us some alert.

    I really wonder if this stupid person actually try to use “camels” as his transportation medium for several days, that not to say for severals years, or just take some picture from the sidewalk or maybe a short trip. Is it this person so stupid that he doesn’t realize that a truck is not suitable for human transportation? not to metion humans so packed they can’t bearly moves. and I have to hear that our public transportation was *improved*!! Last time I was in a train, it took me 26 hours to travel from Gramma to Havana, 10+h just stock in the railroad for multiples break from the machine, another example a trip from El Vedado to San Agustin take you at least 2hr as an average, less than 20min by car, maybe 1hr by bicicle, yes that is an improvement!.

    Another thing, I really doubt “urban organoponics” produce so much food, I’m not saying they are a bad idea, but they aren’t the solution, if the author of this BS cared to ask any cuban with some info, he would learned that almost every vegetal that this “organoponics” sells aren’t produce locally, they are black marketed from country farmers, who have a lot of mainly stupid restriction that make things very difficult if they want to sells this products by themself. BTW this is easily check when you see what these sites sells and their “plantations”.


  2. DotCu,

    Estoy contento que estas por aquí de nuevo. Ya puedes ver como los medios de noticia en el extranjero describen a cuba? Como un paraíso donde no hay ni un problema. Por eso es que tenemos tantos tontos aquí que no saben la verdad.

    Que estés bien mi amigo.

  3. You really have to wonder what the hell these idiots are smoking. Does this fool think that pre-castro Cubans didn’t know how to garden? Yes, Cuba was an island of straw hut living illiterates before fidel waved his magic socialist wand. That’s why in pre-castro Cuba there were more Americans living in Cuba than Cubans living in the U.S. That’s why there were waiting lists of people from 1st world nations waitng to immigrate into Cuba. I don’t see any rafts going to Cuba do you? It’s insane.

  4. what a despicable person!!!!
    The “camellos” are “wonderfully flexible”???? Sure, when you’re stuck in there with so many people and their arms are all over your head and you can’t breath at all because you are being squeezed by 50 or more people, or rather you choose not to breath because it stinks in there since there is no air circulation, is that flexible enough??? Or do you need people hanging from the windows and doors to be “wonderfully flexible.”???

    Oh and the rationing card was instituted by Castro since way before the Special Period. It is not there to prevent “famine” or starvation, it is there to make people miserable since they can only buy the amount the government imposes (even if your family is starving) and that is only when it is available or when it is your turn, since there is a line of months for the little crappy miserable left-overs of food.

    Famine and starvation exist now in Cuba because the communist economy stinks, because the socialist politics don’t work and because the failed system can’t even produce enough food in a land such as Cuba that is extremely fertile.

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