6 thoughts on “Some good news for the holiday season”

  1. may the fiendish grinch who stole christmas from cuba for 47 years not see one more. to the nether regions of dante’s inferno may he go to linger forever and be tortured by the ghosts of his diabolical deeds. que sufra la bestia maligna.

  2. Yeah and may he spend it in diapers with a bag of shit at his side. He is a coward, always hiding while someone else does his bloody dirty work. Damned un quarto de pollo.

  3. i heard reports about this, in of all places, chess news sites.. the capablanca memorial is underway right now, and castro was supposed to attend the opening ceremony and even play simul against several of the participants but was a no show and then the chatter started..

  4. After the news of “deposed Romanian president Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena had been shot by a firing squad…A stunned reaction from the public gave way to scenes of delight and a public outpouring on the streets to celebrate.”

    Cuban exiles are not the only ones who celebrate the death (or near death) of an evil dictator. But we are the only ones maligned by the MSM.

    Any day is good enough for me… the sooner the better!

  5. I still think he’s being kept away not only due to health issues, but also because he’s got guayavitos en la azotea – LOCO!!!!

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