I’m so loved….

Here’s another great email from an ivettehot1@gmail.com that I just had to post for its sheer grammatical and poetic prowess. Or lack there of:

I am sure you didn’t have any participation on writing this idiotic article..I am sure your little wannabe’s Journalist on your blogroll did it for you, sense you can’t seem to be able to write your own stories..Sad,Why you call yourself editor. Do you have any background in journalism? From what I saw on your blog.. You have zero…I agree with that guy who send you that email… You don’t know shit about Cuba’s issues..Only what you read and what other people spew-out. You write about stupid shit on your site..Noone care about your flu or how many roasted pigs you fucking ate. Your blog lacks news, You’re not informative enough… I have seeing other bloggers site, they’re outstanding..You suck, and you little fan clubs of writers suck too.

I…I…I just dont know what to say.

18 thoughts on “I’m so loved….”

  1. Yep, she lost it allright.
    I guess when they realize that they can’t prove you wrong with facts, they just go on a rampage of offenses.

    Val, maybe she’s bitter because you didn’t send her a piece of roasted lechon.

    ….. and the Pullitzer price for most non-sensical and lack of facts criticism goes to…… ivettehot1@gmail.com

  2. Val,

    This is great stuff! You’ve got to publish more of it.

    Remember Art Linkletter’s “Kids Say the Darndest Things”? These love letters to you are kind of like that–in a way. The kids on the show were overly-serious and quite earnest with their resposes to Art’s questions and prodding. But due to their immaturity what they said was just really funny. They were especially funny because the kids were completely oblivious just how funny their answers were.

    These emails are like that. The writers lack knowledge, information, context and sophistication (to be kind), and so their scribblings, while meant to somehow “blast” you, are instead quite funny (in a sad sort of a way).

  3. A genuine product of America’s system of higher education. Ivettehot1, here’s a little fact that may have escaped you: before criticising someone else’s writing, learn to fucking write, you moron!

  4. Val,

    You are the founder, it’s your site and you can call yourself whatever you want!

    BTW, your writing skills are much better than the complaintants. Oh, maybe she is jealous that her menu calls for roasted gato for Noche Buena.


  5. ED (Pitbull) says : Guys, come on. This is not a porno site, OK? Relajo con orden.

    Boo hoo hoo hoo! You oppress me! This is a site about Cuba, OK? Wouldn’t she make a top-flight jinetera? Wouldn’t Fidel be proud and thankful for all the dollars she’d pull in? ¡Arriba Ivette, la Jinetera Máxima del Lider Máximo!

  6. Hey Pitbull, when I typed “Relajo con orden” into Babel Fish translation on Altavista I got this:

    “I relax with order” not even close I’m guessing.

  7. “I speek Engleesh, I learn’d it from a boook!”
    -Manuel The Waiter, in “Fawlty Towers” (“The Germans'” episode)

  8. ac#1: “I relax with order” not even close I’m guessing.

    Not even close! “Depravity with order” it is.
    I prefer “relajo con Ivette” 🙂 … in both senses… er, rather, all five senses!

  9. Oh Well……….
    Just another Comemierda talking caca.
    I bet ya he reads everything we write on this site. The comemierda just “LIVES” for BABALUBLOG.
    Great job Val. I`m sure we have this ñangara suffering from esophagtis. hee,hee,hee.

  10. anybody with “hot” in their email address can not be taken seriously – who cares what a bimbo has to say?! – estas mujeres~! 😉

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