6 thoughts on “If it walks like a zombie, and talks like a zombie…”

  1. How dare yous make fun of a frail old sick man. I am tellin you, you rich geriatric Batista supporter Miami Cubans are so no good – he gives his people free womens reproductive choice, education and medicine – something the fundi(mental)ist Bush doesn’t – and you still beat him down like a rabid dog from Darfur!


    Linsey Lohan

  2. “go while the going is good, knowing when to leave may be the best thing you’ll ever know. Go!!! Foolish as it seems, I still have my dreams . . .” Burt Bacharach, 1970’s

  3. ha ha ha ha
    When I saw castro pretending to be exercising I just cracked up. Hilarious to see him moving like a robot ha ha ha I guess this goes to show how insecure the regime feels.

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