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Our Venezuelan blogging peer and Babalu contributor Daniel Duquenal of Venezuela News and Views, has a great op-ed published in the BBC:

Daniel Duquenal is a well-known blogger writing in English from Yaracuy, Venezuela (Venezuela News and Views blog).

As a leader Chavez has been changing considerably over the years.

From your average military coupster in 1992, he evolved into a political leader able to unite a broad coalition from the right to the left for his 1998 election.

But since then he has been drifting, becoming a leftist leader whose goal is to ensure the succession to Fidel Castro, to become the iconic image of the Latin America Left.

Chavez has revealed himself a purely political leader. The hands-on approach, monitoring whether the law and his orders, are fulfilled is not for him.

Chavez does not care much if the results are up to expectations or if they represent the will of the people. The only results that matter are those deriving from the politics of the “Bolivarian revolution” which aims to ensure its staying power over the decades, with Chavez in charge.

This is a well deserved honor for Daniel for all his hard work and dedication for true democracy in Venezuela.

Read the rest of the editorial here.

2 thoughts on “More on Venezuela”

  1. What measures will W take if the nightmare of all nightmares happens and Rosales wins but chavez leads another coup d’etat?

  2. Predictably, W will do NOthing, same as last time when that despicable former peanut farmer-in-search-of-a-revised-legacy put his rubber stamp of approval on a thoroughly rigged election. Of course, Jimmah left the country early (remember that??) before anyone could shout, “Fraud!!” as he claimed he wanted to be home to celebrate a birthday. Desgraciado comunista.

    For the life of me, I can’t understand why we keep asking ourselves “what will the U.S. do” with our political messes in Latin America, whether they are indirectly created by the U.S. or not. They are our mess, and we need to deal with them. Wherever they are.

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