The buzz of an aging rattlesnake

How’s this for sicko news? With all the mis-steps the U.S. is stumbling into over Iran and Syria, with its preposterous new efforts to “talk” and “negotiate” with those menacing predators, who should show up now but castro’s little boob brother, raul, now claiming that he, too, wants to “talk.” Evidently, he thinks the Syrian and Iranian dictators are getting a good deal from Uncle Sucker, and he, too, wants to join in the spoils.

The whole thing disgusts me bigtime. All of a sudden, raul wants to talk!

Have you ever heard anything as repulsive as this? Here this little cucaracha is, imprisoning thousands of Cubans, impoverishing millions, solemnly declaring that he won’t do a thing for the Cuban people other than make their lives as miserable as possible – and now he thinks he’s cooked up a good plot to enrich himself further, by heading down to Uncle Sucker’s talk shop!

Oh suddenly he wants talks now! Here’s what he can talk about if the U.S. decides to waste time with him:

=When he’s going to admit he murdered 15,000 people in cold blood, and drove another 85,000 to their deaths on the high seas in shark-invested waters?

=When he’s going to pay back the $1.8 billion worth of U.S. properties he confiscated from U.S. citizens, the highest mass theft of U.S. citizens’ goods in its entire history?

=When he’s going to release Cuba’s huge count of political prisoners?

=When he’s going to explain, once again, how he tried to set off a 9/11 style bomb at Macy’s and around New York in late 1962?

=When he’s going to explain why he urged the Soviets to fire nuclear weapons at the U.S. in 1963?

=When he’s going to explain the deaths of numerous Americans, most recently, the atrocious cold-blooded murders of the charity-giving Brothers to the Rescue, who were shot down in cold blood on none other than Raul’s own orders himself?

=Why his government broke its promises on exit visas for Cubans who are given them by western embassies? Why Elian, a mere child, was politicized, against all promises not to? Why retributions are taking place against Cubans who try to flee his regime and upon being unjustly sent back, experience horrific repercussions?

=Why he’s got so much cash stashed in Shanghai, Switzerland, Argentina and Chile?

=Why he has failed to improve the lot of Cubans after 47 years of absolute ironclad rule and taken Cuba from the 3rd richest country in the hemisphere to the second-poorest in terms of economics and the very poorest in terms of liberties?

=Why today’s Cubans are lining up to move to Italy permanently instead of Italians lining up to move to Cuba, as they once did back in 1959?

=Why he thinks he has any sort of right to rule without elections, as is done in every other country in the hemisphere?

Let him talk about that, and then maybe the U.S. should get back to him.

For the rest of us, we can all read or reread Humberto Fontova’s brilliant book, ‘Fidel, Hollywood’s Favorite Tyrant,‘ for perspective on why raul has no business talking to us, or more elementally, being in any power.

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  1. Something good came out of all this. Little brother raul would have NEVER made this statement had big brother fidel “patria of muerte” castro was coherent enough or alive. Big brother would rather eradicate Cuba from the face of the earth than deal with the U.S.

    Then again, there is also the possibility that raul is not too certain that mini me will come out victorious in tomorrow’s elections. Without Venezuela there will be no castro’s Cuba. raul needs to reach out to the U.S. in order to stay in power.

  2. Shameful reporting from the Italian State TV Rai Uno. They called (rightly so) Pinochet a dictator, but then they reported about Cuba referring to Castro as “Fidel” and “The Lider Maximo”, saying that the “Cubans hoped to see him” and that thousands gathered at the Plaza de la revolucion, failing to say that those thousands were brought there by force and the consequences for not going in are losing their jobs or being jailed.

    Then they went on by claiming that Chavez will win, but they did not mention the fact that the bastard is master in rigging electins. No image of the hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans marching against him were shown by the channel. The MSM sucks.

  3. Often health “data” on Cuba, e.g. infant mortality is used to justify the Cuban
    government’s almost fifty years of absolute power. However, most outside Cuba
    are unaware that what is presented to the world is merely what the Cuban
    Government says it is. For example take the World Health Organization’s report
    on Cuban health.

    Go to

    First read the over all description:

    “Country Health Profiles include a health situation analysis of every country
    of the Region of the Americas. The chapter describes the general situation, the
    specific health problems of the different population groups and type of health
    problems as well gives an overview over the response of the health system in
    the country, including national health policies and plans and the institutional
    organization of the health system.”

    “Profiles are updated by PAHO? Representative Offices in the countries”

    Then go to

    which takes you to

    this is a Cuban governments page

    and in there you can read in the lead paragraph:

    “Bienvenido al sitio de las Estadisticas de Salud de la Republica de Cuba. En
    nuestro sitio podras consultar las Estadisticas oficiales del estado de salud
    de la poblacion cubana y comparaciones de esta con otros paises. Tambien
    encontraras datos de interes sobre el desempe~no de la salud publica en nuestro

    In other words WHO data on Cuban health is what the Cuban government says it is.
    And if you want to believe the Cuban government then please check that
    government’s reports on Castro’s own health,

  4. Amigos, look clearly at what is happening here. Raul, along with Mad-Jad in Iran, and the monkey in Caracas, are coordinating their efforts to upend the United States and the Western World. A sizable number of our electorate wants people at any cost, no matter if it’s with any unsavory character. What better time to make a pitch for improved relations than now, in the wake of the Iraq conflict which millions of Americans have unfortunately soured on? Raul can be heralded as a “reformer” in the mainstream media, and that he is somehow more “enlightened” than his brother. This should be rejected categorically by those of us who have our eyes open, as any of Raul’s efforts on the geopolitical scene will always be to thwart and jeopardize the United States. The great conflict with Iran is coming very soon, and unfortunately, they will have plenty of Cuban and Venezuelan assistance. Spread the Word, people!

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