Condos for Sale!

Here’s an interesting suggestion on Venezuela/US relations, from the Volokh Conspiracy:

Making Atlas Shrug in Venezuela:

State Department folk are undoubtedly scratching their heads over what to do about the looney anti-American leader of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez. Here’s a suggestion, only partly tongue-in-cheek: Chavez claims that his brand of populist socialism is superior to Yankee capitalism. Well, let the people vote with their feet. Venezuela has a population of approximately 25 million. How about letting any Venezuelan who can pass a basic English test and get ahold of, say, twenty thousand dollars, emigrate to the U.S.?

Hey, Im all for it. My wife’s the best damn realtor on South Beach.

4 thoughts on “Condos for Sale!”

  1. In the Dallas Independent School District (DISD)any Spanish speaker who can pass an English profeciency (sp!) test and wants to be a teacher can come to the US with a job and work permit guaranteed…

  2. But brain drain is just a recipe for further disaster in Venezuela. As welcome as I would be to any Venezuelan who sought U.S. citizenship, we’d be lucky to have them, those who can should stay at home in order to minimize the impact of the dictatorship.

  3. It’s already happened and is continuing to do so. No need for english classes. A year after Chavez’ first term upper-middle class citizens were taking jobs overseas. They did not want to risk a Chavez’ real estate bust nor have their money in his banks. Check Weston, Fla. It’s already Venezuela North. Chavez has made all sorts of petro-promises to his constituency and the middle and upper classes have long known what time it is. The poor have no reason to leave. Chavez will then have his subservient civil service society and everyone with hopes and ambition leave. His Bolivarian Utopia is sounding more and more like the Peronistas every day. These things never really work out as promised.

  4. Really? Are you willing to offer this to people in Indonesia, India, Iran, Iraq, China, Nigeria, Pakistan and a few other countries where people would love to fly over asap? Piensalo bien.

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