6 thoughts on “I hate computers”

  1. oye i hear you guys big time! i’ve spent the past 2 months dealing with 2 pcs. one was a lemon with video problems that was returned not once but twice. on the 2nd return they gave me an exchange, which i’ve been fajao with for the past week. i got dozens of case numbers and have talked with techs from india to panama to phillipines. tremendo trajin and time vacuem. thank god for cafecito!!!

  2. You can hate them all you want. But they have paid the food in my table for the last 17+ years.

    BTW, get a Mac, they are for people that hate computers and can’t live without them.

  3. Val! Windows problems again? When are you going to listen to your posters and get a Mac? My offer still stands to help you make the transition…

  4. Computers have kept food on my table going on 8 years myself. As for the Macs, get one! The new ones are just plain awesome. I know a pretty decent Mac tech myself. I see her every morning across the bathroom counter.

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