State of the world

Bolton resigns the UN ambassdorship. Ahmadinejad threatens US allies that support of sanctions will be an act of “hostility.” Chavez wins election in “landslide.” fidel is still not room temperature. Iraq is a mess because we didn’t fight a war the way we were supposed to.

Anything else of interest happening out there?

(P.S., yes, this is another open-thread day. I’m busier than Bill Clinton’s ethics advisor and Val is still internet-less.)

6 thoughts on “State of the world”

  1. If Chavez won against a candidate like Rosales without having to commit electoral fraud, the problem in Venezuela is more serious than I thought. Chavez is not the real problem; he’s only the tip of the iceberg. It’s very disturbing, not to mention tragic, but if people want to commit suicide badly enough, I suppose they will. It’s more than a shame that Venezuela refused to learn from Cuba’s suicide.

  2. Well, on the good news front: A Christmas carol sing-along took place this morning in the lobby of a federal building (that’s right) where I work…. Christmas tree, Santa hats, images of the season and (gasp!) the original lyrics mentioning Jesus, all were sung while media cameras showed up to videotape the event.

    Nice refreshing break from the assault on all things Judeo-Christian.

    Hopefully the ACLU (Aging Commies Litigation Unit) stays home from this one.

  3. And now for some good news:

    While fidel may not have assumed room temperature yet, odds are pretty damned good he will assume it while Bush is still President. When he does, try to imagine the amount of pity George Bush is going to feel for those poor old folks who accepted money from castro years ago and would have their lives and careers ruined if their pay stubs got declassified (in other words, because they weren’t declassified years ago, many of these folks stuck around and are playing a part in trying to ruin George’s life and career). Can we say, “look somewhere between shit and syphilis for sympathy?”

    Jabba the Moore’s little photo montage released after the election just underscores the impossible corner into which the Democrats have painted themselves—all before they were even seated.

    If you don’t think there was serious cheating in the Venezuelan elections in order to give chavez enough of a margin to get human rights groups to back off, you are smoking something. Just wait until the price of oil starts coming down, and the oil distribution Ponzi scheme crashes. I think by the time the balloon goes up in Cuba, chavez will have problems of his own.

    Bush is refusing to leave Iraq precipitously, despite anything the Iraq Study Group says—and there doesn’t seem much the Left can do about it.

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