8 thoughts on “A watershed moment”

  1. define life..is it micro-organisms, plant life, little green men??? people may go crazy on this one..

  2. Life is life. Water is the prerequisite for life, whether it’s a microbe or sentient (Democrats excluded, of course). This may be huge.

  3. First there will be a Zephyr Hills bottling plant then the next thing you know Waffle House and a gas station will open up.

  4. This was explained to me about a decade or so ago, when we found evidence of other planets:

    Cosmic phenomena come in one of three numbers—zero, one, and infinity

    Either something doesn’t happen, it is a unique circumstance……..or it happens absolutely everywhere with the right conditions.

    If there are two solar systems, there are solar systems everywhere. If there is life on Mars independently evolved from us…..

    ….life occurs everywhere that has the right conditions.

  5. “Define life”? Define “define” 🙂

    I am pleasantly surprised at the discovery. I have long expected life to be discovered on the moons of Jupiter, but not on Mars. So the presence of flowing water there IS a pleasant surprise. I wonder about the theological fallout once life has been found. Read James Blish’s “A Case of Conscience” for a sample of the questions involved (and discover the source of my pseudonym!)

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