Ana Menendez is an Idiot

I had this very long and point by point absolute fisking of Ana Menendez’s latest editorial slapstick column but there’s one line from her “column” in particular that really speaks for itself:

The most encouraging sign of the old man’s(fidel castro’s) passing is the way it has deflated the hard-liners here.

Need I say more?

For Menendez, the death of fidel castro is encouraging not because it may precipitate some kind of change in Cuba for the people of Cuba. No. Not in the least. The most encouraging aspect is that now, perhaps, finally, those evil, intransigent, hard line Cuban exiles will finally shut the fuck up.

Ana Menendez: idiocy, hubris, condescension and disdain for her own all rolled up into one very minute and very irrelevant package.

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  1. “But the intransigents have become so bereft without their foil that they’ve been driven to mad capers…”

    OMFG. What a useless bitch.

    Intransigent Since 1966

  2. Cubana arrepentida. Jinetera del Jerald

    If we were as hard line as she likes to pretend we are, the self loathing latina wouldn’t be writing anything.

  3. JSB,

    yes, she used the typical “intansigent” line. My only response to her would be to go ahead and tell that to the old man thatsevres as a parking attendant herte in my office building. he served 14 years and one day in fidel castro’s gulag.


    “Jinetera del Jerald”

    Cojones, te la comistes. That is just perfect.

  4. You guys aren’t intransigent?

    C’mon. Just by posting this I’ll probably be insulted. Anyway, it’s clear that the American and Cuban-American political leadership also do not want change. Both have rejected Cuba’s recent offer for negotiations.

    This is part of the intransigence that Ana is talking about. And, she gives examples of slow changes such as the CANF and ENCASA contributions, to show the challenges to this hardline.

    There will be more challenges, and this is part of the transition.

    Question is: Will you support these gradual changes as they gain support in the future?

  5. One question,

    Do you truly believe, given the regime’s history, that the easing of US restrictions will precipitate the release of Cuban political prisoners?

  6. One question,

    And, BTW, the CANF and ENCASA petitions are completely different. The latest CANF petition calls for some actions from the Cuban government vis a vis human rights issues and political rpsoners. the ENCASA petition calls for an unconditional lifting of the emabrgo and all restrictions, without any actions from the Cuban government.

  7. One Question,

    El pueblo de Cuba no necesita negociaciones, necesita Libertad. Asi con L bien grande. Entre el pueblo y el des-gobierno cubano no hay nada que negociar. Es muy facil, raulito puede liberar a todos los presos de conciencia cuando el quiera, sin tener que negociar con el gobierno Americano. Raulito puede liberar la prensa independiente cuando el quiera, sin tener que negociar con el gobierno Americano. Raulito puede permitir a todo cubano en la Isla o en el exterior viajar a, o de, Cuba sin restriciones cuando el quiera, sin tener que negociar con el gobierno Americano. Raulito puede dejar the perseguir a los disidentes cuando el quiera, sin tener que negociar con el gobierno Americano. Arulito puede darle plean Libertad a todo cubano en todos los sentidos, sin tener que negociar con el gobierno Americano.

    Que es lo que dicen que hay que negociar??

  8. You are talking about negotiations, Val. And, in all cases of negotiation, all parties come to the table as equals and prepared to make concession anew. That means each parties’ histories are secondary to the primary goals: future constructive steps. These future goals can only be achieved when the negotiating parties trust each other to carry out their new agreements. In other words, its based on FAITH.

    Not history. Just like you don’t trust Cuba, Cuba has the same attitude towards the US. A negotiation will come when BOTH parties momentarily set these differences aside.

    If ONE of the parties is intransigent, be it Cuba or the US, then there is no platform for concessions to be addressed: conditions of political prisoners or human rights.

    I believe that current US policy towards Cuba should be abolished entirely and unconditionally because it stands for nothing. The US already has many bargaining chips on the future table of negotiations (such as US businesses that are slobbering at the mouth waiting to get into Cuba), and if we cared for human rights and the political prisoners, then we should’ve jumped at the chance.

    We didn’t. That’s intransigence.

  9. Little Gator,

    Don’t wave around these false carrots. Raul is not gonna release political prisoners, bring absolute human rights, or fair elections TOMORROW.

    We must be pragmatic, and accept that negotiations (and future re-established diplomacy) between the US and Cuba will be a significant part of the Cuban transition.

    You want “Libertad”? Let it be addressed at the negotiation table directly. Otherwise, you are just whistling it into the wind, where no one is listening.

    Why keep waiting? Each day is another chalk down on the proverbial wall of the Cuban jail.

  10. That’s a good point RS,

    Hector Palacios’ health was already grave since June of 2005![*]

    Should we wait another year until ANOTHER political prisoner’s health deteriorates in a Cuba jail?


  11. One Question,

    False carrots?

    Freedom for all Cubans has nothing to do with negotiations with the US government. It is a false premise to state that such Freedom somehow runs through Washington. That is paternalism in extremis.

    People have been brainwashed into accepting the premise that the US government must “negotiate” with castro in order to slowly achieve certain freedoms for Cubans. That is a fallacy.

    As I stated in my initial post, above, raulito has absolute ability to grant the Cuban people Freedom in every respect. None of that is dependent on any negotiation with Washington. All political prisoners can be freed without any negotiation, and so forth.

    Or are you suggesting that it is acceptable for raulito to use these Freedoms as bargaining chips with Washington over concessions he may desire?

  12. LG,

    Agreed, “Freedom” does not grow on trees, and cannot be an ornament on the table of negotiations. But, the “Libertad” you are referring to, in its many manifestations, can be forced upon an inflexible party through agreement of conditions.

    Let us remember that both the US and Cuba have grievances, concrete and conceptual, that can be addressed by negotiation.

    Also, negotiation is not the only tool to address these grievances. There’s also what is known as “track two diplomacy”, like funding the Cuban dissidence, but even then the US has failed with that.

    Another option is military aggression, of which Americans would not support at all.

    Options are scarce, that’s the reality. You say that negotiation is a “fallacy”.

    So what do you propose? Waiting?

    Tell that to those in a Cuban jail.

  13. Sorry, One Question,

    The way I see it, realistically speaking, Cuba hasnothing to bring to the negotiating table save for the release of their own people from prison, the release of independent jurnalists from prison and all other human and basic rights issues. This is not a matter of instransigence from our part, but from the Cuban government’s part. They have absolutely nothing to offer the US or us exiles except for the very same things we’ve been begging for all along.

    In order for any negotiation to be effective, BOTH parties must be willing to negotitiate. And the Cuban governent ghas demonstrated time and time again, that they wont.

    You can call me intransigent all you like, and that’s fine. But at least Im aware of the fact that when you deal with the devil, you get burned.

  14. I don’t understand why some people seem to think that Cuba’s freedom hinges on the U.S’s cooperation. The embargo, I forgot. They keep on beating that dead horse. Hopefully soon there will be another dead horse.

  15. BTW.
    Not sure why ana Menedez seems to think this will quite the “hard liners” I for one will celebrate very loudly.

  16. One Question,

    You either misunderstand, or misconstrue, my point. The point, which should not be lost in your haste to urge the US “negotiate” is that everything that is rightfully demanded of the Cuban government, for the people of Cuba, is now as we speak wholly and completely within the power of the Cuban government to give to its citizens. None of it depends on Washington.

    Hence, to argue that the US should rush to the table because political prisoners may be released sooner is to ignore the evil that is responsible for keeping those prisoner in those jails. There is no justification for that.

    Finally, I agree that both countries have grievances, both actual and imagined. These should be negotiated at some point. But, none of that is tied to basic human rights and freedom for the people of Cuba.

  17. Que acomplejada! I’ve never understood self-hating Cubans like Ana Menendez. Does she think that when the bigot next door starts depicting all Cubans by the negative stereotypes that she repeats and creates of her own people in her columns that they will somehow keep her out of the loop?

  18. There is nothing more to say until Raul leaves and democracy is restored in Cuba, the rest is apologia. All the Cuban government can do now is wiggle the stick that holds FC up and get another one ready for Raul, who might actually enjoy that….

  19. Ray,

    I am sorry that I have to strongly disagree with you but that jinerera is not a self-hating Cuban. She is NOT a Cuban. Eating rice and beans and roasted pork doesn’t make any one a Cuban. She should leave Miami and go back to California she came from looking for a spotlight promoting a book called “Loving Che”.

    And for those of you who have the courage to defend her please read this interview of her before talking:

  20. Val,
    We are in agreement. I agree that “Cuba has nothing to bring to the negotiating table save for the release of their own people from prison, the release of independent jurnalists from prison and all other human and basic rights issues.”

    We agree! (praise the lord)

    These matters should be of upmost importance at the negotiating table. And, they can be articulated as tangible conditions in any agreement.

    But, as recent news suggests[*], the US has “rejected” Raul Castro’s offer of negotiation. This is means that Cuba was willing, and the US decided that it was NOT willing.

    This offer will present itself again. But, if we continue to think support the idea that “when you deal with the devil, you get burned”, then I see nothing on the horizon.

    I don’t think I ever said that the US should “rush” towards negotiation. All I said was that the opportunity presented itself recently, and the US said no, along the same ideological lines presented by you and Moneo for example.

    There’s no doubt that Raul can click his heals tomorrow and maybe make a house fall on him and usher in an era of yellow-bricked roads tomorrow in Cuba. This is possible. Though, I wouldn’t recommend holding your breath until you hallucinate seeing flying monkeys.

    You said that our grievances “should be negotiated at some point”. Here we can agree. The matter is when. Should we rebuff the next offer? Should we wait till the 50th Anniversary of Intransigence mark? How about until the next Cuban political prisoner is freed on a stretcher?

    Tell me when that “point” shall be?


  21. It’s one of those … Hoy la pila de crap me tiene mal.

    Menendez is a left-coast journo wanna-be who is fully aware that, if she is to make it in the leftist SoFL market and the hallowed(een) halls of the herald, it’s a foregone conclusion that she must become a cuban exile basher.

    So she’s just chasing the game plan.

    I don’t pay any attention to yucas like her, especially if they were raised west of the Mississippi, because I find in most cases they’re bound to ride the coattails of their parents or grandparents while despising the sacrifices any of them may have made, and they’re blinded to the reasons they were born HERE in the first place.

    Give the pontificating bimbo a Christmas present, and cancel your ads and your subscription to the paper. It keeps sliding into oblivion but won’t come to terms with it. That entire editorial staff needs to go out and get a REAL job. Dan asco.

  22. The only negotiations should be between raul and the Cuban people. He should remove the embargo that both he and his brother have inflicted on the people of Cuba for the last 47 years.

    The USA should let raulito know that when he does the right thing…the Americans will no longer have any reason to continue their restrictions.

  23. Mavi,

    I completely agree with you. As a matter of fact, it is not the first time that this “negotiation table” idea was expressed by the Cuban dictatorship. It happened each time that the congress or the presidency of the US falls in hands of the democrats. Raulula was only repeating his big brother speech.

    No one here remember the Carter years, the group of the 75, the negotiations that lead to the Muriel lift boat. What about a more recent negotiation with Clinton that ended up with the “wet/dry foot policies”. Always screwing the Cuban people.

    Yes, they always have being willing to negotiated in their own twisted interest and not for the people. While I was growing up in Cuba I hear fidel many times saying that he was open to negotiation (one way) with the US government.

    This is not a new approach form a soon to be new dictator. It is just the same old BS that now comes from a guy with a reputation of being more sanguinary and vindictive that is older brother.

  24. Val: Did you just find out that the JINETERA DEL JERALD is an idiot? This is the same person that signed the petition to rehire Jim DeFede right after she had taken over his job. What do you mean by telling Gusano “te la comistes”? Who, her? In that case, the Gusano is going to get indigestion.

  25. Yes Vic, isn’t it just amazing how most people are not insulted by the fact that Raul completely ignores the Cuban People!!!! Why shouldn’t the people of Cuba have a say in their own destinies? Why is it a foregone conclusion that Raul will take over without even pretending to have an election?

    Washington should turn the tables on this type of thinking by stating that We Will talk to Cuba when it is a Country that respects the individual rights of its Citizens. Short of this there really isn’t much to be said. I don’t listen to those that want to confuse the real issues of freedom for the Cuban People with what the US’s reactions are or might be.

    Did raulito and his hermanito negotiate with Washington when they adopted the Stalinist form of government? Of course not…so why does raul want to negotiate now?
    He should be told that the current Cuba has absolutely nothing to offer the USA. We all know that the only thing they will do is threaten the USA with mass immigration in order to get what he wants. raulito should not be given the opportunity to extort the USA.

  26. You can’t negotiate with a fucking lunatic. That’s why it’s been impossible to negotiate with Cuba for 47 years. Look what it gets you. Cuba introduced a resolution denouncing Human Rights in Canada. In Canada! Canada is one of Cuba’s biggest trading partners and sources of tourism.

    In order to have a negotiation both parties have to be negotiating in good faith. Name me an instance where fidel fucking castro the lunatic did anything in good faith. A negotiation for him is an exercise in how to get what he wants without giving up anything.

    Even raul, the fucking queen of Cuba is more sane than fidel. Once they officially announce fidel’s death you’ll see how quickly all the bullshit posturing by the regime ends.

    The noose closing around Cuba. They have less places to launder their dirty money every day. Tourism is down. And even though Chavez got re-elected the people there aren’t happy with the billions of dollars of give-aways. The Venezuelans haven’t been cowed into submission yet so Chavez has to watch his back or he’ll have a revolt on his hands.

    Anybody that wants to negotiate with Cuba while fidel castro is still calling the shots is either a fidelista or a complete moron.

    1. How many times is the Herald going to insult the Cuban exile community????

    2. Do you want to know the definition of hurt? Seeing one of our own turn against us. Seeing a fellow Cuban, born into exile, ignoring the suffering of her own community.

    And you think that putting the statue in the dumpster was TACKY? It was a TRIUMPH of truth and reason. Never was the artist’s right to free speech put into question. He was told true stories, and his heart was moved.

    As was mine. I cried when I heard those testimonials.

    For someone to experience these stories, and to call it “TACKY,” seems evidence of a cold heart, self-hatred, or indifference.

    I don’t know Ms. Menendez, but hopefully she will outgrow her rebellious phase, or resolve whatever inner conflict she has, and open herself to understanding the truth of the exile community.

  28. Sandoval,

    I really admired your good intension. But that opportunistic bitch IS NOT ONE OF US and never will be. “Arbol que nace torcido jamas sus ramas enderezara”. That phase that you so kindly call “rebellious phase” I like to call it by it true name “communist” and fidel collaborator.

  29. Gigi hit the nail right on the head when she said:

    “Menendez is a left-coast journo wanna-be who is fully aware that, if she is to make it in the leftist SoFL market and the hallowed(een) halls of the herald, it’s a foregone conclusion that she must become a cuban exile basher.”

    EXACTLY! Oh, and add to that she’s a TOTAL TIA TOMASA.

  30. Within the space of a year I had to endure a double tragedy. The lives of my mother and father was cut short by the illegal separation of the two who had been together 58 years , the stress of the separation and ensuing legal battle took a heavy toll … I would be honored if you joined me in this video that’s 3 minutes long , in remembrance of these two lives that touched so many people and brought us so much more than they took with them. This is 3 min film to celebrate their 58 years together. Please watch this film with the speakers on. It Will be Worth it! Se lo Prometo. Mi padres son de Camaguey y es possible que muchos de ustedes conocieron al Dr Fernandez (Please fwd to people might have known Dr Fernandez and Clara)

  31. Cyberray,

    Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful tribute to your parents. May they rest in peace!

    I wish you well 🙂 Melek

    “Life is eternal, and love is immortal,
    and death is only a horizon; and a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight.”~R.W.Raymond

  32. Borrón y cuenta nueva? I don’t think so!

    So raul castro says he wants to “talk and negotiate” with Washington, and we’re supposed to be surprised? There’s nothing new to that. On August 28, 1994 when he was a guest in the program “Face the Nation,” Secretary of State, Warren Christopher, was asked about “talks and negotiations with fidel castro.” The Cuban leader had shown desire for wide-ranging talks with the United States toward normalizing political relations and lifting the trade embargo. Secretary of State Warren Christopher’s reply was: “If he moves toward democracy in a tangible, significant way, we’ll respond in a carefully calibrated way,” Christopher said, but refused to offer any specifics.” He further added that “we really don’t have very much to say to Castro.”

    Ditto, ditto to raul in 2006. No TALKS … No NEGOTIATING with the castro brothers.

  33. Guys the only way Cuba will truly be free and would take its place in the free world is by getting rid of the people that had been oppresing for the last 48 years, if these people are not brought up to justice we will have another russian scenario where the commies stayed behind the curtains running the show. We need borron y cuenta nueva coñoo que bastante nos han jodido los comunistas de mierda estos

  34. Firefly,

    I agree with you completely but when castro dies if raul makes an overture, I would like the US to insist on the release of all the recognized political prisoners as a condition for any talks. That’s first and foremost in my mind. Not just because these people are rotting away right now but because once the genie comes out of the bottle it ain’t going back in.

  35. Conductor,

    The ONLY bargaining chip the United States has in regards to Cuba is the embargo. Remove the embargo and the United States will no longer have any leverage with which to negotiate with the Cuban government. raul and the rest of his communist “comitilla” know this! raul castro also knows that there are certain conditions that he needs to meet in order for the United States to even consider negotiating with Cuba. First and foremost among these conditions is the release of all political prisoners. Things can change in Cuba overnight if raul castro FIRST “talks and negotiates” with the Cuban people.

    On July 4, 1993 President William Jefferson Clinton signed the Cuba Democracy Act “to promote a peaceful transition to democracy in Cuba through the application of sanctions directed at the Castro government and support for the Cuban people.” In this document, the U.S. government stipulated very clearly what the Cuban leadership needs to do BEFORE the United States will sit down to negotiate. In other words, raul needs to make SIGNIFICANT concessions to the Cuban people first.

    The castro brothers have a very long history of making promises they never keep and signing agreements they never honor. Why should we trust them now! They need to show their good faith by getting the ball rolling.

  36. Gigi’s comment – right on the money. Buy Ana a Christmas present? We could find an Igor and send him to scour a cemetery for a shriveled cadaver brain – would be an improvement nonetheless. Another suggestion: let us chip in and purchase a seppuku kit…a cheap one, made in China – suitably gift wrapped, to be delivered on Boxing Day.

    “Stupid is as stupid does.”

  37. As I see it, employing someone like Ana Menendez is the Miami Herald’s version of “la gatica de Maria Ramos, que tira la piedra y esconde la mano.” In other words, this is a way for the Miami Herald to take continual swipes at the Cuban exile community by proxy, by getting someone who’s Cuban (at least technically) to do the dirty work for them. If anybody complains, the Herald can always say that Menendez is an opinion columnist whose opinions are not necessarily those of Herald administration. Menendez is definitely not the first example of this.

    I agree that this sort of thing is very distasteful, to put it delicately, but there’s no need to get too bent out of shape over this person. There are far bigger fish to fry. In this particular instance, I’d say that “Al bagazo, poco caso.”

  38. The irony of this situation, which apparently escapes Ms. Menendez, is that if there was no Cuban exile community to bash, it’s highly unlikely she’d have a job at the Miami Herald.

  39. firefly,

    I never said anything about lowering the embargo. I agree with you. If you read my writings here and elsewhere you’ll see that. I just think the game changes dramatically once fidel is definitively off the stage because he’s been the primary obstacle to change.

    Sitting down at a table is not the same as lowering the embargo.

    If queen raul the horrible releases the political prisoners I’d send a delegation to sit down with him. The freed prisoners would basically have license to organize and the whole thing could come down like a house of cards.

  40. Conductor,

    I mentioned lowering the embargo because that is the ONLY thing raul castro wants. There is nothing else that he needs to negotiate with the U. S. On the other hand, the U.S. has several issues it needs to negotiate. Once the embargo is gone the U.S. will have no further leverage with regards to Cuba.

    If the release of political prisioners is the ONLY condition necessary for the U.S. to negotiate with raul then we are in BIG trouble.

  41. I don’t see how we are differing here.

    1. I agree what Raul wants is the same as what fidel wants, to remove the embargo. The difference is that we know for sure that fidel was never going to give up anything in exchange. We don’t know what raul would be willing to exchange.

    2. I’m talking about releasing the political prisoners as a condition to come to the table, not as the sum total of concessions the US would ask for once at the table. My goal is to get liberty for the prisoners as quickly as possible. They will be the agents of change from within while the US puts pressure on Cuba from without.

    3. It’s possible that Cuba and the US could come to the table and leave with the same stalemate as we have now, but I doubt it. The doors are closing on Cuba. Tourism is down, the swiss banks won’t do business with them and other banks are following suit.

    4. I don’t have a ton of faith in raul, that’s not what I’m saying. But what I am saying is that he’s not fidel and that’s a pretty big difference. If raul puts himself forward as the even-keeled pragmatist what the hell do I care as long he opens the door to the changes that will follow. He won’t last in an environment where there is an active and vocal opposition led by former political prisoners.

  42. BTW, when I say I don’t care that he puts himself forward as the even-keeled pragmatist, I mean it’s all kabuki. If wearing that mask makes him feel better about making the changes that will ultimately bring him down and end this nightmare, great. Let him wear the mask. The thing is to break the stranglehold that the regime has on the opposition.

  43. Useful idiot collecting a paycheck is more likeit!
    People like Ana have no compassion!
    Imagine the multitude of indivuals that have suffered in our Cuban community to now be labled as “deflated hard liners and intransigents”.
    But maybe she is on to something,Ana is like a “cotorra” repeating new code words for “gusanos”.
    A mucha honra.!!

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