4 thoughts on “Is fidel castro dead?”

  1. A Modest Proposal or Two, partly inspired by a recent program on the History Channel about the first emperor of China and how he tried to achieve immortality.

    1) Encourage feedel’s quacks to give him Elixir of Life – pure, undiluted mercury. Recommended by the megalomaniac, murderous Shi Huangdi. “It can’t hurt.”

    2) Dance steps: Do the mash, to The Monster Mash, would be appropriate when the time comes. It’ll be a graveyard splash!

  2. Manuel Cereijo who is very well informed, tells me that three sources have stated Castro died on the third of this month, that his body is already embalmed, and that Raul is trying to negotiate with US government

  3. Raul is likely trying to negotiate, because the deal to end the Cuban Missile Crisis did not include guarantees for him. If Bush is smart, he won’t take the deal. The best revenge on your critics is to publish their Cold War-era Soviet pay stubs.

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