Stock up on the Pepto, folks.

We’re gonna need it. Might as well add some Tums, Pepcid and Milk of Magnesia to the old medicine cabinet as well.

With the rumors flying around of fidel castro finally meeting his pal the Grim Reaper – and once again, I want to state that they are just rumors at this point – we will undoubtedly bear witness to some majorly nauseating events.

Once castro’s death is made official, the MSM will be reporting ad nauseum on the “triumph” of the revolution and all of the island’s advances in free universal healthcare and education and the ever so bullshitimous low infant mortality rate thanks solely to the bearded dictator.

Screen shots will be shown of castro supporters weeping uncontrollably from all over the world. Certain heads of state will be quoted ad infinitum as to just how sad they feel over the loss of this “great” comrade of theirs. castro’s bio will be on all news channels, almost 24/7. We’ll be barraged with articles and editorials lavishing praise on cuba’s “savior.” Parade’s will be televised, ceremonies…Cuban exiles will be excoriated while shown celebrating the death of the man that made them exiles in the first place.

A shitstorm is a coming, friends. The MSM is going to play fidel castro’s death – shoving bullshit down our throats without mercy – to the hilt. This, friends, this death of fidel castro, this story, is the reason many of the elite members of the MSM sold out their priniciples – their high and mighty jounalistic integrity – for. This is the reason theyve been cowed in their bureaus in Havana for so long, overlooking the obvious, looking the other way as their Cuban counterparts are beaten, ridiculed, incarcerated, ignoring the truth that screams all around them. Seeing, hearing and speaking no evil.

We are gonna get slammed and it will be stomach turning. Repulsive and vomit inducing.

So stock up on the indigestion meds right now. We’re certainly gonna need them.

15 thoughts on “Stock up on the Pepto, folks.”

  1. Hey Val-

    Here’s a golden example of the type of drivel that we’ll be wretching over:

    “Considered one of the most charismatic leaders of the 20th century….[Fidel] Castro traveled the country cultivating his image and his revolution delivered. Campaigns stamped out illiteracy and even today, Cuba has one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world.”
    Katie Couric — February 13, 1992.

  2. The more they drool over the bastard’s corpse, the sweeter it will be to watch them eat crow once the truth comes out.

  3. Don’t let the b……s in the media get to you. As for me, I don’t give a hoot what they say. I am going to have a big party, and maybe, just maybe, for the first time in my life, I will get drunk. The champagne is ready, and also the Bacardi and Coca Cola for the Cuba Libres. And I hope Cubans and their families all over the world will celebrate in a very public way to really piss all communists around the world.
    Con todos y para el bien de todos.

  4. Val,

    You are completely right. And I say “Who cares.”

    I’m with Aguirre, Polaquita and RS. Chill the bubbly while we wait for official confirmation, which we all know is coming (and maybe overdue). Pop the cork (make sure to point the bottle away from others). Pour. Enjoy. Salud!

  5. My friend whose husband escaped Cuba and whose father is a big big musico in Cuba los que van van and who keeps in touch with the big wigs in Havana says that fidel had his colon removed and that he is walking aroung with a carp bag. This info although sounds like a rumor is coming from the top.

  6. R S,
    Unfortunately, castro-lovers don’t care about truth. Many of them know the truth already and don’t care. Many believe that lives lost and rights taken away don’t matter provided that there is free health care and education.

    My dad called me this morning to say that his cousin in Tampa confirmed that fidel has died. She said a PCC member in Havana told her. “You can take it to the bank”, she said. Havana is abuzz with the rumor. It is probably true but until it is reported in Granma, it means nothing.

  7. I have two theories – first, that they are awaiting January 1, the anniversary of the glorious revolution to make the announcement. Second,that they may never announce the billionaire bearded bastards death. After all, there’s really nothing for the government to gain from it and there’s lots of loot to grab.

  8. I feel your pain. I am already stocked up on antinausea remedies in anticipation of the MSM’s anticipated reaction to Saddam Hussein’s execution. Perhaps we can have them both at the same time and get the hurling over with.

  9. When it’s finally announced, when it finally happens I will be out there on Bird Road, with my 13 and 15 year old, celebrating this SOB’s final demise. I shall definitely not work the next day. I shall be home glued to the television, cursing,bitching, crying, dreaming and hoping. I hope he is suffering – or has suffered to the max, though any suffering he’s gone through cannot compare to the suffering of the Cuban people here and on the Island. For me, well, I’ll have to stay here in Miami caring for my Grandmother. But for my mother who left in 1959 and who swore that she would never step foot in Cuba until he was finally gone, well, she’s applied for her passport and paid for my children’s passports because when it does happen she’s going to finally walk into Santa Rosa with her two grandchildren by the hand. There may be those of you out there that may think she’s totally out of her mind. But she’s getting ready. (yes,there are those of you who will object, please try to understand, things may not change as we want them to change just because he finally meets his maker, and probably this would not be the best time to go – and for this I worry about my kids) but who could deny this woman and all of our parents and grandparents who all these years have sworn not to step foot in Cuba until this moment came and have steadfastly stood by their vow.) This may finally be their chance to see their homeland again, once before they die, to roam the streets they once walked and have dreamt about all these years. Who can deny them. They are not long for this world. They have waited too long. How many have died waiting for this moment? How many tears have been shed? I only pray and hope that my mother will finally get to live this moment in time.

    Gran poder de dios, que se acabe de morrir. Liberanos de esta pesadilla.

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