So you wanna go to Cuba, eh?

Here’s what’s happening away from the tourist areas:

December 11, 2006

Prisoner of Conscience tortured

I denounce the abuses and mistreatment to which my husband, DIOSDADO GONZALEZ MARRERO, is being subjected. He is a prisoner of conscience, serving a 20-year sentence in the Provincial Prison Kilómetro Cinco y Media in Pinar del Río Province in Cuba.

Capitan Pedro Linares, a State Security agent, has ordered officials of the prison to punish my husband. On November 16, 2006, they placed him in an enclosed cell and have taken away all his rights. He can not communicate with his family nor can he go out into the sun and fresh air. In addition, he is denied additional food brought to him by his family. The water in the prison is contaminated and is not fit to drink.

The motive for his punishment is because my husband was living among common prisoners who carry knives and other sharp objects. Upon seeing that his life was in danger when one of the common prisoners was placed in his cell, he asked prison authorities to relocate him to another place where he would feel safe. The request was denied, and for this reason, he was moved to a place of torture. Previously, my husband has been the victim of physical abuse. The official, Diego Martínez García, has beaten my husband while he was handcuffed and his feet were shackled.

I have spoken with prison authorities, and they have told me that they will keep my husband in punishment until he withdraws his petition for a change of living quarters.

I consider this a method of torture in order to humiliate and denigrate Diosdado’s dignity. I ask all of you, please, to intercede before the Cuban government on behalf of this situation.

Thank you,

Santa Rita 29, Roque, Perico
Matanzas, Cuba