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  1. I sent the letter in protest.
    I will not be shopping at Target for the rest of this Christmas season.
    Target is my favorite store and I am having MAJOR withdrawals.
    But what’s right, is right. 🙁
    que ganas de joder.

  2. sent to LULAC
    Ms. Rosales
    My name is Daniel Alvarez and I am a Cuban-American currently residing in Brasil. I am writing in regards to an issue which concerns Cubans within the United States. It has come to my attention that Target (which is well within their rights to do so) is selling shirts with the image of Ernesto “Che” Guevara. Now let me be very clear on this: I support Target’s right to sell whatever they wish. After all, America is a free-market economy, just as I would defend their right to sell “The Turner Diaries” or “The Protocols of Zion”, shirts with swastikas or other material that certain groups would find offensive. By the same token, I support any group that takes offense to materials being sold boycotting said store. What I don’t understand is why LULAC has been silent on this issue. If Target (well within their rights to do so) sold shirts of Adolf Hitler, the ADL would raise a storm. In fact, if memory serves me correctly, the ADL complained about shirts and baseball caps with the number “88” on them, because this had become ‘popular’ among skinheads, 88 standing for Adolf Hitler. If a store, again well within their rights to do so, sold shirts with a Klansman on them, the NAACP and Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would be holding press conferences in front of the store, calling for a boycott. Again, I am not against Target (or any store) having the right to sell whatever product they wish. However, they should be aware that for every action there is a reaction. Offended groups are well within their rights to protest and boycott if they wish. I would like to know why LULAC is not supporting the Cuban American community on this issue.
    Thank you for your time
    Daniel Alvarez

    cc: Brent A. Wilkes LULAC National Executive Director, Lizette J. Olmos Communications Director

  3. For the record, I just got a response, here it is
    Daniel Alvarez
    Dear Alvarez:
    Thank you so much for communicating with the League of United Latin American Citizens, LULAC. The League of United Latin American Citizens, LULAC, is the oldest and largest Hispanic organization in the country. LULAC provides services to Hispanics in cities, state and national communities on different issues whenever possible.
    I have been requested by Special Assistant, Elia Mendoza, to LULAC National President to respond to your e-mail dated Dec. 14, 2006.
    LULAC is truly concerned about issue that effect Hispanics/Latinos in the United States, however LULAC is an Educational and Civic organization and LULAC basically raises funds for graduating high school seniors to attend a college or university. A local LULAC Council, District Director or the State Director may get involve on different issues if they have the resources.
    The LULAC National Office does not have the resources in assisting every individual or group with their individual problems.
    Please be advised that this is a freedom of speech issue and LULAC does not boycott businesses. You may wish to file a complaint against Target on your behalf and on the behalf of Cubans.
    Because LULAC has a system of Protocol, LULAC must follow these steps in order to discover which LULAC group has the capability, time, resources or funds to provide any kind of assistance.
    LULAC is truly sorry about your concerns with “Che” Guevarra T-shirts. LULAC recommends that you meet with the local LULAC Representative and discuss your concerns.
    I hope that we have provided you with some guidance and assistance.
    Robert Martinez, Administrative Assistant
    LULAC National Office San Antonio, Texas

  4. Well, I can’t help but wonder if I made a shirt saying “Cesar Chavez is a wetback beaner” if they would defend my right to free speech. I mean I totally respect and defend Target’s right to sell whatever they want, but the squeaky wheel gets the grease. I think it was WalMart that removed “The Protocals of Zion” and they had that flap about Planet of the Apes linking to Martin Luther King stuff, and the “88” baseball caps. No one rose up to defend free speech then.

  5. LULAC won’t do anything because it doesn’t further their cause. I wrote to Target, for what it’s worth and I will be shopping at that horrible, capitalist, sweat-shop supporting WALMART this weekend. At least THEY say Merry Christmas!


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