But but but it’s PARADISE! PARADISE I tell you!

This needs no commentary:

Gallup poll finds only one in four Cubans in two cities satisfied with freedom

The Associated Press Published: December 14, 2006

WASHINGTON: Only one in four Cubans interviewed in the island’s two biggest cities are satisfied with their freedom to choose what they do with their lives, according to a poll released Thursday.

When asked about the job performance of Cuba’s leadership, about 40 percent of the residents surveyed in the two cities said they disapproved, the Gallup poll found. Not quite half gave their approval. The poll surveyed 600 people in Havana and 400 in Santiago.

The survey comes as Cuba faces a crossroads, with leader Fidel Castro ill and questions surfacing about whether he will recover and what will happen if he does not. Castro’s autocratic rule has fueled widespread criticism, though he has supporters, including Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Gallup conducted the Cuba survey only in two cities because of the extreme difficulty in getting around the island and because of the absence of a reliable way to buy food and provisions, said Carlos Denton, president of CID Gallup Central America. The results are not meant to be representative of Cuba’s more than 11 million citizens — only a look at those nearly 3 million people living in Havana and Santiago, Gallup officials said.

It amazes me that the Gallup people can be such dupes. Read the whole thing.

9 thoughts on “But but but it’s PARADISE! PARADISE I tell you!”

  1. “They burned their data each night to avoid having the results recovered by the government”.”…the questions were the same ones the company uses all over the world and were not customized for Cuba”. That’s amazing.

  2. In 1990 Gallup did a poll in Nicaragua under the Sandinista regime prior to the presidential elections. A majority of those polled told the stranger knocking at their door that they would vote for the Sandinista candidate. Gallup predicted that Daniel Ortega would win the presidency. When the people voted, Ortega lost. It’s obvious that they were afraid to tell a pollster their true feelings. I wonder how much of that fear is also presently manifested in Cuba.

  3. They just had to throw in the ‘health care’ and ‘education’ didn’t they?

    On a side note, when the bastard finally dies, I better hear the MSM putting “dictator” before “fidel castro” every time they mention his name, just like they did with Pinochet recently.

  4. One of the consequences of the Cuban exile experience, for me, is that practically nothing amazes me anymore. Basically, the world is full of BS and BS dealers, and unfortunately, the stuff sells.

  5. “Beam me up Scottie, there’s no intelligent life down here”

    Is there no end for people’s stupidity?

    The people in Cuba lead “double faced” lives. In public they say one thing while with family they say another. It’s the only way they have learned to survive: not to trust anyone outside of the family circle. Cubans will tell you whatever they think you want to hear.

    The Gallop group must REALLY be ignorant if they believe their survey is accurate, specially if they used CUBAN nationals to gather part of the information.

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