4 thoughts on “San Lazaro”

  1. Val, you forgot to add that San Lazaro is called Babalu-Aye in the Lukumi religion:

    BABALU-AYE: God of Healing, and one of the ORISHAS.

    He will do his best against infections and epidemics. At the moment his most pressing problem is AIDS, which he is constantly being asked to cure. But like most doctors, BABALU-AYE is very overworked and understaffed. However, he will not say no to offerings of white wine and popcorn.

    Sources tell us BABALU-AYE walks on crutches — or possibly carries them. He also has two dogs. To sniff out infection? And he seems to favour the colours of bruising — brown, black and purple.


  2. I’m all for a party, be it old Larry or dear Barb. Back in the Island my brother and I shared the same bed and mosquito net, we had a pic of Larry over the headboard just like the one shown here placed there by Granny to keep us healthy. Do I beleive? No but it makes no harm, so party on bros and sisters..

  3. Today is only fitting that we all make the pilgrimage to Babalu..”El Rincon de la Red” ‘pa echarle humo al viejo and say a prayer for our Patria.

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