Communism Sucks

Millions of people killed, wholesale violation of basic, civil and human rights, the degradation of the individual. I find it astonishing that there are still communists in this world.

Apparently, it is only those that have lived under the communist jackboot that recognize its affront on nature and humanity:

President of Romania denounces Soviet era

By Craig S. Smith
Published: 2006-12-18 15:09:16

PARIS: President Traian Basescu of Romania on Monday formally condemned the Communist dictatorship that ruled his country for more than four decades, the first time a Romanian head of state had officially denounced the Soviet-era system.

“The regime exterminated people by assassination and deportation of hundreds of thousands of people,” Basescu told his country’s Parliament. He based his assessment on a 660-page report compiled by a presidential commission charged with analyzing the country’s Communist past.

And here’s the money quote, true of each and every communist regime:

“The Communist regime was illegitimate and criminal,” Basescu said. “It treated an entire population as a group of guinea pigs for an experiment.”

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7 thoughts on “Communism Sucks”

  1. “the first time a Romanian head of state had officially denounced the Soviet-era system.”

    After what happened to Ceausescu, you’d think they would’ve gotten around to doing that sooner.

  2. If those of us who have lived under communism don’t get on the stick and keep beating the drum of education for the generation now growing up, as time goes on, we might live to see the day when the communist atrocities will not even appear in the history books.

    If you don’t believe that history repeats itself, just take a short look at Iran with the Holocaust denial conference and the rabid rantics of its Ahm’a-demon-job moonbat president. And that’s merely 6 decades from the actual events. And to think that there are so-called “academics” out there teaching our kids this crap, on our dime, is outrageous.

    We better wake up. One of the ways that totalitarian philosophies take over the masses is through revisionist history and the re-education (brainwashing) of the young and unsuspect. With a media here that is so complicit, the job is made easier for those who want to silence our voices.

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with what Romania has done. Every former Eastern bloc country should do likewise, as should any country that has suffered under communist oppression (which should be treated the same as Nazism). That definitely includes Cuba, and I look forward to Cuba doing the same, and then some.

    Unfortunately, partly because of how long Cuba’s tragedy has lasted, the number of people who have failed, betrayed and out-and-out screwed Cuba is astronomically high. It’s simply not feasible from a practical standpoint to bring them all to justice or call them to account, and many will be dead by the time Cuba is free (starting with you-know-who). Still, what can be done should be done.

    There have been so many criminals, traitors, backstabbers, opportunists, liars, hypocrites, accomplices and assorted pieces of human waste! One of my recurring fears is that Cuba may go the route of Russia or Nicaragua, which makes me nauseous. Another is that we will fail to at least denounce and condemn all the foreign elements that have played an active and willing role in our misery and misfortune. We may need to forgive, but we should never, ever forget or cover up ANYTHING.

  4. Some of my relatives left China after the 1949 revolution, only to see the 1959 “triumph” in Cuba and having to leave again. By 1969 most had made it to the U.S. and begun to build freer, more normal lives. Still, it was not easy to leave friends, family and two beautiful countries behind. Too many refugees and exiles all over the world have similar stories.

  5. I’ve learned to not take American supporters of Communism seriously. If they really thought it would improve their lives, many of them would have moved. It’s mostly just an intellectual pose. I would only take the word of those with some experience in the matter. It would be interesting to hear a debate on Communism between two Cubans or Poles or Russians for example.

    Nelson Guirado

  6. asombra is right on about how communism should be and is being rememberred. in prague there is the world’s first communism museum. poland as well. in fact former iron curtain and baltic bloc countries have been cuba’s only real european allies. thank vaclev havel, lech walesa and now train basescu of romania for supporting cuban human and civil rights. as for those night mares about cuba’s future, my guess is that in the short term cuba may play out akin to romania. street battles against cuban securitate and violent retributions maybe for weeks in the streets until the people with the world’s and the internet’s help take control of the state. including taking possesion of vital state secrets so the truth can be definitely preserved. later my belief is that cuba would reflower much like post franco spain. a rebirth of cuban culture will expand dynamically propelling cuba into the digital age,and you can be sure communism’s malingnency will be remembered by those experimented on in the “island of dr. fidel”.

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