From the “No shit, Sherlock” Department

From the Chicago Tribune:

Bipartisan pitch can’t sway Cuba on rights issues

10 U.S. lawmakers hoped to ease embargo

By Gary Marx
Tribune foreign correspondent
Published December 18, 2006

HAVANA — The largest U.S. congressional delegation in years ended talks here Sunday without a commitment from Cuban authorities to release political prisoners or make other concessions that could bolster those seeking to ease U.S. sanctions against Cuba.

Cuban officials were amenable to discussing with the U.S. such issues as immigration and anti-narcotics cooperation, but they refused to concede any changes in internal policy as a way to further talks.

“The Cuban officials made every attempt to convince us [and] to demonstrate that there is no change of policy in Cuba,” said Rep. Jerry Moran (R-Kan.), one of 10 American lawmakers visiting Cuba.

Jeff Flake and his cohorts, however, will most likely continue their vendetta against the embargo regardless. Political prisoners and prisoners of conscience in Cuba be damned.

Alfredo has a few photos of the duped Congressional suckers here.

There’s more here.

6 thoughts on “From the “No shit, Sherlock” Department”

  1. All these congressmen who visit Cuba remind me of what a Mexican colleague of mine often says: “Misma mierda- diferentes moscas”

  2. Jeff FLAKE – aptly named; what an embarrassment – he’s in the wrong party, although it seems these days can’t tell the parties apart in some policy areas without a scorecard. Time for a Common Sense-Reason-Morals and Ethics Party.

    If the exiles were really a mafia, we’d be in Cuba trying to get a piece of the action too…”It’s not poisonal – strictly business, paisan!”

  3. The Castro regime has been playing musical chairs with American legislators since Senator George McGovern traveled to Cuba in May 1975.

  4. Regarding Congressman Jeff Flake- He’s fairly conservative (at least fiscally) member of congress. While he’s clearly in the wrong in this case, I get the impression he could be persuaded and shown the error of his ways, unlike all the stooges on this junket. If someone can get a hold of him or at least his staff, I would try to work on him and explain the Raison Detre for the Embargo, rather than simply write him off. Can any one take the time to call his staff?

  5. I think it’s perfect that they had their photo op at the Hotel Nacional, where Cubans aren’t allowed to go and spend a weekend even if they could afford it. Little Steven wasn’t gonna “play Sun City” but apparently Jeff Flake has no problems with it.


  6. These people, of course, all presume to know what’s best for Cuba better than Cubans themselves. Actually, that may not be accurate. They may not even care or worry about what’s best for Cuba. They may simply see this as a way to benefit or profit themselves, directly or indirectly, and what that may entail for Cuba and its people is simply not their concern.

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