Resist, Rob and Row.

I Just had to post the following put together by El Gusano, regarding the real Survivor’s island:


I’d like to see Survivor producers put a group of Cubans on the show next season. I’d give them a week before not only would they have some kind of makeshift power plant and a bunch of makeshift convenience appliances connected to it, but they’d be receiving weekly “Survivor Bucks” from relatives in Hialeah..

2 thoughts on “Resist, Rob and Row.”

  1. It would be a very short season. It would be a different type survivor, the goal being, who can get off the island the quickest. Raft straight to Miami.

  2. or better yet, put 20 people in cuba…jesse jackson, harry belafonte, danny glover, pastors for piece, etc and see how long they last in the island paradise. the winner gets to kiss fidels ass for a month. and of course gets to lose their liberty, identity, dignity and family.

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