Rumors, rumors and more rumors.

Since everything seems to be about rumors lately regarding fidel castro and his cadaveresque health, I felt it appropriate to report on something that I’ve heard from a very reliable source but have been unable to confirm:

Barbara Walters might score a bedside interview with fidel castro.

Working on getting confirmation at the moment. Will post an update as soon as I have further news.

9 thoughts on “Rumors, rumors and more rumors.”

  1. Another media wh…… female sex worker (as they’re known in Europe, where she belongs).

    These people don’t know when to quit. They drool for any contact with the dilapidated dictator.

    After she gets her last look and bow before the commie cadaver, she can jet off to a more appropriate event: “This Sunday, campaigners in North America and Europe will be marking an End Violence Against Sex Workers Day ….” (

    Get a life, Babs!

  2. For goodness sake, don’t we remember the state this man was in 2 months ago? There’s no way there is any validity to this rumor. He hasn’t even addressed the country via radio or telephone….. We can all do our part this holiday season, by sending some money directly to the “damas de blanco.” Go the website:, and help them out with some much needed cash. I’m sure we all know someone who knows someone that knows how to get money into the island whether through Canada, etc.

  3. I vividly remember the 1977 TV interview. It’s not just that FC ran rings around her and used her like a two-bit stooge; it’s not just that she was putty in his bloody hands–it’s that she seemed to like it, and I suppose she’s still proud of her “coup.” I lost all respect for her that night, and she’s done nothing since to get it back.

    She’s rich and famous, of course, far more than her actual talent deserves, but that has a lot more to do with the nature of our society than with her. We’re besotted with “celebrities,” each more useless and inconsequential than the next. The fact is she was never anywhere near the level of an Oriana Fallaci, who was the real thing.

    Let her and Diane Sawyer and the rest carry on like aging groupies for the “Comandante” if they like. It’s not just unbecoming and demeaning; it’s disgusting, no matter how well it pays.

  4. Yes. Maybe she can ask him a really tough or relevant question, like “Mr. President, if you could be a tree, what kind of tree would you be?” After all, inquiring minds want to know.

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