Fun Exercise 2 !!

Two former Latin American heads of State have been much in the news lately. One titled himself Chief of State, Head of Government, Prime Minister, First Secretary of the Communist Party, and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. along with “Maximum Leader,” which perfectly mimicks Fuhrer, from whom he lifted what became the title of his most famous oration and book. His “constitution” mandated several years in prison for anyone overheard cracking a joke about him. He held absolute power longer than Mao and Hitler combined.

The other summoned free-market consultants from the University of Chicago to advise his administration on the best ways to diminish or completely abrogate government power over the lives of his nation’s citizens. He promised elections and held them, winning an overwhelming mandate to continue in power in one plebecite and losing in a second eight years, whereupon he voluntarily relinquished power as he had promised. Interestingly, though he considered the 2nd plebescite a loss, his tally of supporting votes though not quite a majority, was still much higher than had been the tally that “elected” the Marxist president he helped overthrow. He held office only slightly longer than Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

You will never, ever in a million, gazillion years guess which one the media is reviling as “Dictator” and which they refer to a as “President”!

It gets even better here from today’s Newsmax.


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  1. Let’s see, that computes out to about 37.3 Cubans murdered by the celebrated “president” for every victim of the “dictator”, and the MSM refuses to publish the truth. They have instead chosen to insult the survivors of this genocidal psychopath. Someday there will be an accounting, and hopefully justice.

  2. The trouble with these shameless hypocrites is that they don’t give a shit, because they figure they don’t have to–and for the most part, they’re right, at least for now.

  3. I know it will be a good thing when
    Castro is riding the midnight train to
    slab city, but the endless tributes
    he’s going to receive from the MSM
    will be nauseating.

  4. At the Havana costume ball everyone was wondering why Raul showed up wearing his usual military outfit. Eventually one of his aides whispered in his ear, “jefe, this is supposed to be a costume ball. Why aren’t you wearing a costume?” Rual replied, “I am wearing a costume.” The aide asked what Raul was going as – to which Raul replied, “Brittney Spears – I’m not wearing any underwear .”


  5. Thanks Humberto! Thanks for your book too, I read it and loved it!

    Yeah, the left’s hypocrisy is never better on display than when comparing their treatment of Pinochet vs. Castro.

    What inevitably comes out is how much they loathe Pinochet’s “Right Wing Agenda.” If he’d had carried on socialist policies he’d be a footnote and most leftists would know less about him then they do about Argentine’s generals.

    The irony is that Pinochet never had an agenda. Allende had destroyed the economy and while Pinochet tried out boilerplate socialism initially, it just wouldn’t work. He brought in the “chicago boys” when he had no choice.

    In the end it’s really just the free market he implemented that the left hates. They hate to see us plebes have any power over our own lives.

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